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Undead - Redemption

Redemption - 85%

dismember_marcin, January 12th, 2018

It's always a great pleasure to introduce an unknown, but really awesome band, hoping that these few words of positive comment will help spread their name and get them some more deserved support. Here's one such example, a fuckin beast of morbid death metal called Undead. This name has already been used by several other projects, but this one is a union of some Spanish and British musicians. They first ejaculated the "Blood Enemy" 7" EP (which I also have in my collection and will write about it later) in 2015. Then another EP, this time on CD format, has been unleashed and this one is titled "Redemption". And damn, I have to say that I love this piece of filth, it's just a perfect sounding death metal played in my most preferred style. And the only thing, which I don't like about it is that there are just four tracks. I would wish to hear more!

Anyway, this is just an EP, so "rules are rules". Luckily, Undead rips through the speakers with relentless force, without wasting a second for bullshit, so the entire EP is a nasty pleasure to listen to. It's the old styled, vicious and aggressive metal of death, played in quite Swedish, ferocious style, which I personally can compare to bands such as Verminous, Nominon, Repugnant, Invidious and even the in-famous debut records of Morbus Chron, Necrovation and Tribulation. Obviously, all these bands were influenced by Merciless, Nihilist, Sadistic Intent, Autopsy, Grotesque... And a bunch more cults, which I will not mention, it's enough. The result, which Undead achieved on "Redemption" is almost spectacular, for me personally, because I truly worship this kind of style and every song here sounds just perfect. This stuff is fast, obscure, it's very aggressive and vicious, but at the same time these riffs are fairly memorable. Sometimes Undead incorporates even a solid melodic line or a slower part, to achieve more interesting result. Mainly though it's just fast and merciless attack of eviscerating riffage and harsh, demonic vocals. The production is very good, with Necromorbus mastering, so you can expect everything to sound spot on. So yeah... I am very impressed with this material, so I recommend it strongly. Let it revel in your lingering agony!

Standout track: "Volatile Existence"
Verdict: 85/100