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Great black metal with thrash and heavy moments - 85%

vorfeed, October 10th, 2005

This is the second full-length album from Uncreation's Dawn, a Finnish band playing black metal.

The sound on this album is remarkably clear, with sharp, biting leads and crushing backing guitar. The drums are crisp, and sound just as good during the breaks as they do during the frequent blasting sections. Vocals are guttural growls, understandable with a bit of effort. They throw in some occasional shouts and death metal vocals, too.

Uncreation's Dawn's songwriting is quite varied -- I'd describe it as Destroyer 666-ish black metal with touches of thrash and lots of purely metal moments. They've even got some chaotic pieces, like "Our Wrath Shall Dominate", which reminds me of Beherit in parts. By far the best thing about this album, though, is the lead guitar parts. They're vicious, memorable, and heavy. These guys definitely have a talent for writing riffs. The swaggering main theme from "Fenrir Unbound" has been stuck in my head for days, for example. Then there's the slow section from the title track, and the way its stately, deliberate guitar work blends with the vocals to weigh down upon the listener. The solo from the middle of "He Has Horns" is another example, as is everything after the initial riff comes back in on "Resurrection of the Gods of War"... in fact, it was quite hard to pick just three standout tracks for this album, as just about every song has a great moment or two.

This album was a huge surprise to me, and is twenty times better than Uncreation Dawn's rather lackluster debut, "Deathmarch Over God's Kingdom". "Lightning Hammer Falls" is one of the best albums of 2004, and is highly recommended. If you like bands like Destroyer 666, Urn, and Urgrund, you must get this!

Standout tracks: "Fenrir Unbound", "Lightning Hammer Falls", "Resurrection of the Gods of War"

Review by Vorfeed: