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Unusual, But Interesting At Times.. - 70%

Scrotal_Salad, June 10th, 2005

This is Uncle Slam's last release and it differs greatly from the rest. This one actually seems to have a Christian lyrical theme. Maybe not in a whole, "I love Jesus" sort of way, but mentions God a lot and I've caught an occasional "Hell" thrown in. They actually use it as a bad place and as if they don't want to go. I don't know, you decide .. Anyhoo, in addition to that, this is hardly a thrash album. I wouldn't even call this a thrash album. That's not the say it's bad, though, just not good if you were expecting thrash. I admit I didn't even give this album a chance when I first heard it, but once I decided to try it again and knew what I was getting it didn't come off as bad. Instruments are played well and all, even bass, can usually be heard.

It starts out with the album titled track, When God Dies. This is an okay song. Music is enough to keep your interest and there is even a bass solo or two thrown in.

Next up is My Mother's Son. Eh, this song kind of bores me. The music is alright in parts, I guess, but the lyrics are all iffy. It's got a solo atleast. It could be worse.

Next up is Procreation..Ah this is a catchy little devil. The timing on this song is superb and had me coming back for multiple listens. Are the instruments are clear and can be heard real well and are played with skill. Good song. Best on on the album.

Then comes Smoke 'Em If Ya Got 'Em. This is a decent track. It does get a tad repetitive until it hits the chorus and even it's only welcomed because it's a break. This one is one of those, "I gotta bein the mood" tracks.

The next song is the ballad of the album, An Offering To A Deity. Strong in parts, weak in others. I like this song. The vocals are done nicely to match the mood and the music does as well. You sometimes will actually seem to sync in with the mood. Not a superb ballad, but not bad nonetheless.

After that comes Ages of Agression. This is a sort of boring track at the first, but it picks up a little at towards the end. I'm indifferent about this one.

Next is End Of The Line and this track is pretty decent. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't a skipper. I like the guitar work in its.

Finally is The Lightless Sky which is pretty boring at first then they throw in a little break/beat change and go all progressive rock sounding ballad. It's not too bad.

Well, "If Collective Soul took a stab at groove thrash" basically sums up this album. It can be enjoyable in the right mood..

Choice tracks: Procreation

Throwaways: My Mother's Son..The rest just kind of dip in and out of mediocre.