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Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats - Blood Lust - 90%

ravenhearted, April 4th, 2013

After releasing their debut album "Volume 1" in 2010, British occultists Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats dwelt in relative obscurity. A year later something stirred in its slumber, and the self-released "Blood Lust" was unleashed upon an unsuspecting doom underground. The buzz spread like wildfire, and soon Uncle Acid was the name on everyone's lips, leading to a spot at Roadburn and a re-release of their sophomore effort through Rise Above Records.

"Blood Lust" opens with the sound of someone channel-surfing, before stopping at what can only be describe as some exploitative horror-flick. The opening track "I'll Cut You Down" goes straight into psychedelic heavy soundscapes with an inescapable groove, carried by the wails of the Uncle himself. For most of the album the songs oscillate between psychedelic rock and roll riffs and doomy crawls, building up a feeling of dread that reaches dark climaxes with tracks like "13 Candles" and "Over And Over Again". The subject matter combined with Uncle Acid's voice sounds like Roky Erickson and Neil Young had a lovechild that decided to join Black Sabbath back in the 70s, resulting in a haze of drugs and crucifixes.

Seen as a violent 70s horror-film, "Blood Lust" is one hell of a ride. The riffs and solos are at times deviously infectious, while the rough recording-quality creates a dusty yet timeless atmosphere. It's a creepy affair, with standout tracks like "Death's Door" highlighting the classic evil doom metal sound that Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats have made their trademark. Album closer "Withered Hand Of Evil" even brings out the synth, to surprisingly good effect, emphasizing the malicious spirits on display. It's old-school doom taken to the next level, showing that their seemingly overnights success has been well-deserved.

For anyone who likes their doom metal remotely catchy, Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats are a safe bet. Their distinctive brand of psychedelic horror is instantly memorable, carving out a path for themselves and leaving you wanting more, bloody more. After falling in love with the likes of "13 Candles" and "Death's Door" it's no mystery that Lee Dorrian picked this up for a re-release. Go buy this album, or you're likely to feel the cold grasp of death in your chamber tonight.

Written for The Metal Observer