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Dwelled into Nowhere - 65%

Petrus_Steele, June 12th, 2019
Written based on this version: 2012, 2CD, Proselytism (Digipak, Limited edition)

Dwellers of the Deep is a 6-track album or EP based on the 4-track demo from 2009, only this version contains the title track as a fifth new track, and a Morbid Angel song which Mike wrote, Chapel of Ghouls. This release also has almost entirely different lineup than the demos from the past, and this is the last release under the After Death name before changing to Nocturnus AD.

The opening track showcases the sound of the old demos; going back to the Egyptian themes. It's definitely of the Nocturnus material but upgraded into cool blast beats and technical guitars and bass - or I should say more specifically, it sounds like it's from the fourth demo, Secret Lords of the Star Chamber Below. ChristWas remind me a lot of Malevolent Creation; more because of the drums really, but the track was fucking good! It's as different as the keyboards are different from the main Nocturnus sound and it's done just right for a death metal track.

Couldn't get into The Caduceus Strand, didn't have the niche. It's heavier than ChristWas but lacks awesomeness. The re-recorded version of Lords of the Black Path sounded a bit raw than the original version, the death growls weren't as brutal, the keyboards had more presence, the drums were pretty awesome and the chorus didn't sound as empty as the original. So pretty much this version sounded a lot different but still doesn't beat the original. The title track had a lot of annoying pitch harmonics and the song itself was quite boring. For the Chapel of Ghouls cover you should skip past 1:30 because that's the entire duration of the pointless interlude. As for the song itself, it was quite technical and sonic, and the guitar solos capture the entire song. The keyboards added some flavor to it, too. But still... eh.

With this After Death release the band didn't really go anywhere. I think it was just desperation and the direction was into a brick wall. You just don't hear from the band anymore after this release - and to think it took Mike almost 30 years to put out a new album from his very own band which he created. The album itself has potential, but the first two tracks overshadow the rest of the album. They're the highlights and 60% sound about right for their part.

Paired with another 6-track record, The Madness from the Sea by Unaussprechlichen Kulten from Santiago, ensues slow and brutal music after what After Death provided. So a glimpse to a more modernized traditional death metal music from the underappreciated bands of South America...

Leviathan-Cthulhu (Creatura Aquae) manipulates the sound into staying brutal but also into more slow music in resembles to doom metal; atmospherically perfecting the Cthulhu themes. El caos ciego e idiota features two parts in Spanish (or maybe Latin) and then moving into English for the rest of the track, the song is more catchy, and much like the former track this one also shifts into sounding more like doom metal; preferably sounding more like early Black Sabbath riffs wise. Tekeli-li (The Pit of the Shoggoths) is musically more creative and technical, bringing out more than what the first half of the band's album brought.

The opening track or prelude, People of the Monolith (The Black Stone) releases slow and dissonance tones with slammy drums, but giving the length of the track you don't really earn anything from it.Seven Cryptical Books of Hsan is another turnoff, like the first track. It sounds way too hardcore and the drums somewhat remind me of deathcore. Daemonium Vobiscum is a cover based on the Peruvian band, Mortem seemingly one of the first South American death metal bands to hail from that continent. Clearly the song sounds like death/thrash in some sense, but the vocals sounds a lot like the one from the godfathers of death metal, Chuck Schuldiner only with more death growls, which shapes the overall album very differently.

Quite honestly, it's not a bad album, nor the entire split. Not what I expected or wanted to get into other than what After Death had to offer, but I guess this Argentinian band didn't sound bad and their best songs they had to offer on this album are Leviathan-Cthulhu (Creatura Aquae), El caos ciego e idiota, and Tekeli-li (The Pit of the Shoggoths), and I'll give 70% for this offering.