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umoral self titled seven inch - 50%

UCTYKAH, April 2nd, 2009

A pointless effort, given the parties involved. After years of post-black metal wankery, Hatlevik decided to reconnect with his bloody roots, try the old format again but still keep his post-modern aspirations intact, at least conceptually. Of course, a super-group had to be assembled for this pressing task, so Hatlevik recruited an available string man in the form of Teloch and the notorious gastarbeiter Hellhammer Blomberg. The trio quickly brewed a trial single, slapped an x-rated snapshot on a cover and then imposed a fat upside down cross over it in order to drive the censors and porn-grind fans away. Done. The music: straightforward modern black metal - sterile, clinical, technically adept, with a prevailing feeling of detachment, which is channeled through icy riffs and melodies. This certainly requires a cold, rational reception on behalf of a listener, for this is merely a manufactured product, albeit a very well manufactured one (made in Germany, as opposed to China, how about that?). Competent and wholly listenable on the one hand, yet utterly formulaic and instantly forgettable, an exercise in aesthetic, nothing more.

I do encourage all of you to hear this, yes I do. Chances are, you will like it just fine, give them a decent score while expressing hopes for and wondering what the full-length would be like. What I would like to know is WHY they are doing it. If they were a bunch of young newcomers, it would be understandable. We wanna play black fucking metal!!! But this bunch... I am sure the band could give us a clever answer (that's the least they should be able to do) as to why, but I doubt it would be entirely truthful, so why not look into the creative product itself. And here is where I am about to do something "umoral" myself. I am going to pull a quote out of the band's lyrics and use it against them, yes I will. It is a good quote, and it might as well point to all the Norwegians (ULVER, MANES, DODHEIMSGARD etc.) sitting in the same boat with Mr. H. And so, to answer the question "why are they doing it?": "'re finally content and bored with this conclusion after lifetimes of shifting between loving it, hating it, and being indifferent to it and bored with it. There is nobody there to save you. And you're bored." End of the quote, as they say. You can't really blame them. But once you've bowed out, have enough sense not to wonder back just to kick an old dog yet another time.