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You have just had your ass handed to you. - 95%

FLDeathMetal331, December 12th, 2004


...Is all I had to say after hearing this masterpiece of an album, and it's a shame that this band didn't keep on going with their thrash madness.

This album features 7 Ulysses Siren songs that were written in 1985 and 1988, with the first three tracks being written in '85 and the last four written in '88. It also features some of the fastest, catchiest, and most kickass thrash ever heard.

The album kicks off with "Terrorist Attack." Sound swells, then the speed kicks in with a vocalist that sounds reminiscent of Mr. Baloff. This track fatures some nice catchy riffs, and some drum rhythms that are unique. Good way to open an album.

Next is "The Reich", which features an opening riff that sounds like Metallica's "The Four Horsemen", but this riff wipes the floor with Metallica's. Pace slows down, then features a nice sounding solo. Triplets then ensue, and another solo is heard. After this solo, it goes back to that opening riff, and then the song ends.

"Lake of Fire" is track 3. This song is a great thrasher, with a kickass Bay-Area, Death Angel feel to it. The vocalist really shows some aggression in this song. Get up and headbang.

After track 3 comes "Leviathan", which is a heavy instumental song. This song features some catchy harmonies over a heavy palm-muted riff. The track then leads into the next song...

...entitled "Above the Ashes". Make sure you are ready for this song, because it will definately kick your fucking ass. This song goes from complete thrashing madness, to heavy mid paced riffing, and back to thrashing continuously. It also features wicked cool solos and leads. Leviathan/Above the Ashes is easily my favorite song on the record.

After that monster of a song, "The Ressurection" comes knocking at your door. The volume starts low, then rises to normal. Then the double bass kicking, E-string masturbating thrash assault commences. Though not as good as the title track, this song still delivers the aggression effectively. Again, bang your heads.

The album then comes to a close with "No Trace of Shame". This song has a catchy galloping riff that kicks off the song, which leads in to another catchy, insane riff. At 2:32, the song slows down to a crunching riff with some great double bass kicking on the drums. Then at 3:59, Ulysses Siren speed things up with another catchy thrash riff, which will carry you to the end of the song.

Fans of thrash and speed metal will love this album, but it is pretty rare and will be hard to find. But try as hard as you can to get this.