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Beautiful - 100%

Mecha, January 27th, 2004

Ulver's Vargnatt is truly a beautiful recording. The clean tracks are just great and the distortion tracks rock hard. The production on this album is good though you have to keep in mind that this is black metal. All the instruments are audible the guitar, bass, drums and vocals. Garm's singing on this album is great, I have not heard any other Ulver albums so I don't know what his singing style was like on them, but on Vargnatt his singing style is sort of low pitch excpet for when he does his Operatic moaning vox. I have heard Garm sing in Borknagar however, and his singing style on this different. The guitars on this album are very good, there are fast paced melodic black metal riffs and there are also some clean riffs that are not so melodic. The bass doesn't play too big of a part on this album but it is audible, it just sort of compliments the guitar. There is lots of double bass on this album that can be found during the fast distorted guitar riffs, though there is some double bass during the clean parts of the songs.

Favorite songs : Tragediens Trone, Trollskogen (All Clean guitars, no vocals, bass or drums), and Nattens Madrigal. Don't get me wrong, the other songs we're great, I just liked these ones the best.

In Conclusion, if you like Black Metal then you will like this record. I saw a promotional copy of it on eBay that was a cd, but there is also a copy of it on record. So if you can find it, I HIGHLY recommend that you get it.