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Horrifically Over-rated - 50%

antipath, February 25th, 2005

Many people will not like what I have to say, but since it has not been said yet, I must be the one to break the silence. I got this release based on the fact that no one has said anything bad about it. I was decieved. Lied to. Fooled. This is not genius. This is garbage. I love the first three Ulver records. I am not a closed minded metal head. I like a lot of ambient/ experimental stuff. This is a rip off. Half the tracks are mostly bull shit sound effects like static and feedback. Static and feedback are not music. There are some good songs in this. The good songs are really good, but they do not make up for the tracks that have 10 minutes or more of shitty feedback noises before 3 minutes of real music are played. Nothing on this is anything that hasnt been done by In the Woods and Arcturus, but better and with more integrity. I would almost call this a cash grab, riding on the tides of electronica that became popular in Europe during the time of this records release. What really angers me is that this is a two disk set in which at least half of all the time is just shitty noises that shouldnt even be background on a real piece of musical art. I know that this isnt metal, I know that it wasnt supposed to be, but this isnt even good for what it is. Where they trying to be like Delerium? This is really terrible, and saying that you dont like it isnt closed minded, its honest. Most of it is bad filler. All of the shit on here that is worth hearing could have been put on one disk, and it would be a shorter record than Kveldsjanger.