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Ambient Ulver - 75%

Lars_Ericksen, October 19th, 2007

Well this is not just music in itself. This release is much more an artistic presentation of a conception, or an idea. So the music in this content is something built upon a landscape or just a transitorial atmosphere. A pice of time inserted somewhere else.

The majority of the songs here are in a slow tempo, they never speed up like in some releases of this experimental/avant-garde/or-something-else Ulver era. Like I said before, this is not just music, they want to make the listener to get inside an ambient atmosphere of a musical conception. So they use a lot of keyboards and samples to do it.

Analyzing the instrumentation is very perceptive that this album is not oriented by the guitar work. The rhythm in itself is never conducted by the guitars, it always follow the keyboard or just the melodies sung by Garm. The percussion is a mix of real drums and programmed ones. It sounds real effective and help to alternate between the mood in each song. The vocals one more time are brilliant executed by the Master Garm, he does not sing in an operatic way like before, somtimes he just whisper the words or make a medium picth clean vocal, what, in fact, is very nice, one of the highlits of this album.

As said, this album does not follow the sacred formula of rhythm, so the riffs do not sound very catchy, you may listen to the songs twice or more and you will not remeber "the most important" or more catchy part of them. Except if you a hardcore fan of Black Sabbath, just because the covered song was not a big hit even among their fans.

To resume it up, this is a nice release, to listen in a calm day, to contemplate something (a beautiful landscape would be a good example), nothing much more creative or outstanding.
Rate: 75%