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Escape with Ulver - 82%

Perplexed_Sjel, April 15th, 2007

Ulver are a band who are known for drastically changing their music nowadays. However, i was blissfully unaware of this change until i came across this record, 'Perdition City'. I had only heard two of Ulver's full-lengths, those being 'Nattens Madrigal' and 'Bergtatt' before i came across this one. Before i discovered Black Metal by sheer chance a couple of years ago, i was an avid fan of electronica and all things industrial, so when i finally heard 'Perdition City' so it wasn't exactly like i had come into new and unfound musical territory.

It could be argued that Ulver have been somewhat unsuccessful since the days, which by now are long gone, when the band produced an innovative and influential style of Black Metal. However, it could also be argued that 'Perdition City' was unlike its followers due to the fact that it achieved mild success. By the time of this release, Ulver had been well established in folklore and were continuously striving to maintain, or beat what they had already set in the past. Its fair to say many fans of the band were somewhat disheartened by the road Ulver seemed to be struggling down. However, with an expanding fanbase Ulver pressed on to new adventures and new musical genres.

As previously stated, i am not new to the genre which 'Perdition City' had decided to follow. At the time which i found this full-length, i was currently in the search of an innovative and relaxing ambient piece, and that is certainly what i found here. Ulver's members showcase their talents at full view on this full-length. Each song is its own. Very stylish and highly unique from the next. None have merged together to form some sort of inaccessible chorus of misshapen noise. This is probably the first time i realised what a talent Garm was on vocals. I always knew the potential was there, but he has finally let loose his caged talents. His voice is soft, heart warming and easy to listen to. 'Perdition City' is the perfect solution to a stress filled day, or a night time of conceptual thinking.

Melodic, ambient and at sometimes dark, there is a lot packed into this album. When bands tag their music as 'Experimental' i'm often left wandering why i specifically search out experimental bands if they all come under the same tag. Most aren't experimental at all. However, Ulver are. This album showed many artists the way in terms of creating music which was truly experimental. No repetitive cheese or substandard beats, instead we have a cutting edge piece of music. Steady, controlled and relaxing for the most part.

Ulver fuses several different genres into one album. From Jazz to Techno. From sweeping Electronica to a tidal wave of Industrial music. With the introduction of the piano, trumpets and synths Ulver manage to lift the life and soul out of the listeners body and transport their minds to a dimension unknown where one can relax and enjoy life without having to worry about tomorrow.

Essential for anyone who wants to hear, as Ulver put it, 'The Future Sound of Music'.