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If my favorite movie had this soundtrack... - 100%

Dark_Mewtwo1, January 10th, 2007

It wouldn't make much sense, really. But regardless of that, Ulver's a band/project that has gone through what you may call "monumental" changes in their music over the 15+ years it has been active. What started as a black/folk metal project seemingly morphed into a nighttime folk ensemble, and transformed into a raw and primitive black metal creature over the course of 2 years. The changes continued with the highly experimental and very well thought-out Themes, which managed to fuse elements of metal with electronica exceptionally well, and weave 27 plates worth of theology into two discs.

Now we come to this, something more suited to an independent film, or maybe something more akin to a bunch of pseudo-intellectuals at a coffee shop, debating on who has the bigger brain instead of another body part. But even though this album gives out the air of faux-superiority, there is no way in hell this album can be denied. This album is brilliance. Pure and utter brilliance. Gone are the traces of metal, and in are drum samples, piano lines, trumpets, strange synth sounds, and even a jazz breakdown of awesome proportions. To say that nothing like this has ever been done by a metal band would be stating the obvious. No metal band DID something like this before, and thanks to this album, legions of bands have come to experiment with many different styles of music like never before.

But leaving the amount of influence this album has had on the metal scene, it's just a beautiful album. Each track sounds like it was specifically made for scenes in a movie. But this isn't your normal type of movie-music, drowned in the background while you watch some retard actor/actress cry or something. This is the type of modern music you would expect to listen to in many parts of the world, yet the subtleties and strangeness weaved throughout the album makes these nine songs stand out like that brainy left handed kid in your 3rd grade class with the glasses. Garm and co. did a hell of a job thinking this through, placing every instrument at just the correct spot, giving each song an atmosphere of its own. None of the songs feel the same, giving the album a sort of 'what to expect next' feel, like a great novel. This isn't just a music record. This album is what Virgil's Aeneid is to literature scholars, it is a testament to what 3 brilliant minds can do. And I know many metal fans may not like this album, but that is just fine. This album isn't for the average metal fan. This album is for anyone who can appreciate very well done music.