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To The Wolf In Man ... - 94%

Perplexed_Sjel, March 27th, 2006

Nattens Madrigal brings forth the most raw and primitive sounds Ulver have ever produced to this very day. This is the final piece of Ulver's Black Metal journey and what a way to end it. As previously stated, what you'll notice most about this album is it's harsh, raw and scratchy production. It offers the perfect backdrop to this wonderful release. In my opinion, this is Ulver's best release ... By far.

Never will you have heard such a contrast. Both beautiful melody and harsh music come together perfectly. Such an explosion of sound. Such powerful aggression. Enter ... The master that is Garm. Behind the blastbeats of the drums, the tremolo picking of the riffs comes raw screams. Quite possibly the harshest Black Metal vocals i've heard for a long time. Ulver bring together the most traditional sounds of Black Metal and the best musicianship for quite some time. Usually it's quite easy to pick faults with music, but not here. It's as close to perfection as it could possibly get.

A highly atmospheric album, which conveys emotion through sombre and melancholy acoustic pieces and haunting ambient sections. This is an album which tells a story and in doing so is highly emotive, just like Black Metal should be. The album portrays hateful, violent and aggressive emotions to go with the general concept of the album.

Most notable highlights for me come in the form of Hymn's 5 and 6. Oddly enough, as someone pointed out earlier, both these songs have an adverse affect on the listener. I find that the songs make me feel quite happy and uplifted, i'm not entirely sure whether that's intended or not ... All in all, this is a legendary release from Ulver. A unique album from a unique band. Recommended for all Black Metal fans.