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A Quite Funny Story - 90%

giakoum, January 4th, 2007

A Quite funny story!

I knew Ulver ever since Bergtatt which was a great atmospheric and melodic Black metal album. In fact this one along with Emperor¢s “In The Nightside Eclipse” and Gehenna¢s “First Spell” were for the true definitions of atmospheric black metal. Then they released” Kveldssanger” which was also a great album which was an album consisting only of acoustic guitars that were creating great melodies and an overwhelming atmosphere.

Then I hear that Ulver have joined Century Media and I am like: “Oh no… Now Ulver are going to transform into Dimmu Borgir clones or something”. I had that feeling because every band that joins this damned label turns into something horrible and commercial. When the album got into the local metal store my hand would be itching to buy it, but then I would see the sign of Century Media at the back of the cd and back up. But one day I said: “Oh what the hell 5000 drachmas down the drain probably and bought it.” I put it in the cd-player and guess what …

This album is a spit on the face of all commercialism. Raw and pure black metal. The riffs are very inspired, well executed and just brilliant. The drums are blast beats all the way down. No atmospheres, no excessive melodies. Just pure and raw black metal. Songs dedicated to the wolf in man. The production of this album is very primitive but yet clear enough to hear every instrument, truly a black metal production. The only thing I didn¢t like so much was track was track 6 “The wolf and passion” but that was only of personal taste. I just didn¢t like the riffs on it.

Guess what… There wasn¢t a second Ulver release in Century Media. What a wonderful and fast way to get fired. Hahaha. Way to go Ulver. For the wolf in man.