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Beautiful - 98%

LordPJosephC, April 11th, 2004

Kveldssanger is, simply, one of the most beautiful albums ever released. I cannot begin to describe how beautiful the soundscapes of this album are.

The album opens up with, "Ostenfor Sol Og Vestenfor Manne". This is by far one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard. It is about 3:30 in length, and is the best song on the album (though, I suggest listening to the whole album straight-through to get the best affect). The song opens up with a nice acoustic guitar line and semi-operatic singing provided by one of the greatest voices in metal, Garm. The vocals fade off, and a more intricate guitar (acoustic, of course, like all of the album) appears. A grandiose build-up then occurs amongst different vocal lines with the feeling of a choir singing. This is a great song, and foreshadows more greatness to come.

The album is full with Norse Folk-style music, Gregorian chants, and calm atmosphere. The guitars are beautiful and Garm's vocals are powerful but serene. This album is a most-have for all fans of acoustic music, folk music, and metalheads who love to switch it up.