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Beautiful Wolves. - 100%

beyondburied, October 30th, 2007

What can one say that has not already been said about one of black metal's most revered releases? Not only is this one of the best black metal releases of the "second wave", it's simply one of the best... period! From start-to-finish this album is nothing short of remarkable. Ulver managed to pull-off something that only a few other black metal bands could or ever will (in my opinion).

The moment "Capitel I : I Troldskog Faren Vild" begins, you feel the tranquility this album possesses. While retaining it's calm and peaceful nature, the first track still manages to remind the listener that they are indeed listening to a metal band. The atmosphere present on this track (and frankly the entire album) is that of being in the cold, lonely, mysterious dark woods. From "Capitel I to Capitel V", you hear what has to be one of the greatest voices in the entire black metal world, again in my opinion, and that is of course courtesy of Trickster G. (aka Kristoffer Rygg), or in this case, simply, Garm. Not only does Garm possess a beautiful and unforgettable voice on this album (and through out his musical career, might I add), he also manages to conjure up one of the most unique (to some degree) shrieking vocals black metal is notorious for. Simply put it this way, Garm (especially for being the young lad that he is on this album), shows what would become of his ever changing musical journey, and that is... pure genius.

The production on this release is absolutely perfect, every instrument that was meant to be heard is heard through out the listening of it. The drums are rather solid and precise. The smoothness and flow with the bass and guitar's are from time-to-time interrupted by violent sounding burst's, which are an absolute necessity for the mood's in which the song's are presented. The bass is heard allot more here than most black metal bands, but than again, Ulver aren't your typical black metal band. As this is a folk black metal release, there are, along with electric guitar's (who might I also add, Aismal and Haavard do a mighty fine job with their parts), acoustics present on "Bergtatt".

One thing I've noticed that comes off as somewhat of a "downer" for some listeners is the releases run time, which stands at about 35 minutes. I personally feel that this time is absolutely respectable, simply because Ulver managed to pull off exactly what they aimed for, or at least it comes off that way. Another thing that can be said about this album is that it surely does get better and better with every listen. And is but only one of three from these evolving Ulver.

With it's blend of folk instruments, un-repetitive fast paced black metal, and beautifully haunting atmosphere, "Bergtatt - Et Eeventyr i 5 Capitler", is sure to please any who will give this well deserving masterpiece a fair shot. I strongly urge you (those who are second guessing the purchase of this album) to buy it and begin your journey with the wolves!