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Glittering Success. - 92%

Perplexed_Sjel, November 3rd, 2007

Bergtatt is where the black metal/folk trilogy began for Ulver and stands up against the rest of their works as one of the best. Besides, Natterns Madrigal, Bergtatt is by far my favourite Ulver full-length. The bliss it draws from tranquility is immense. Although this full-length was released some time ago, it has evidently stood the test of time with fans over the globe. It's gone from strength to strength in the public eye. Not something many bands can say about their material. Although the perception of this band has perhaps deteriorated over time, the way in which they began their career will definitely be held in high regard for a long time.

This was perhaps my first experience with folk inspired black metal. It remains one of the only folk works that I can still listen too. Ulver manage to blend folk instruments, such as flutes and acoustic sections with black metal elements with inspired ease. No matter what element of Bergtatt you try to find a fault in, you simply can't. It's immeasurably good. Tremolo picking has never sounded so good against the backdrop of operatic vocals. I've always respected Garm, which I will always continue to call him, for his vocals. Whether they're for Arcturus, Ulver or whomever, he always manages to pull out a top draw performance. Beautiful ranging vocals go hand in hand with the slow distorted riffs and incredibly ambience created by the folk inspired aspects of Ulver's game. A powerful tool that many black metal bands don't have is bass. Ulver harness the bass instrument and it's effects very well. It's noticeable throughout, creating melody and sweeping mellifluousness. The acoustics help in developing the beautiful melodies behind the awe inspiring vocals.

It's now all slow and attractive, there are a number of sections which black metal fans will spray their shorts over. Tremolo riffs and awesome rasping vocals that pierce straight through the mind and trigger the emotions. Ulver have the power to switch from one genre to another with ease. Solid songwriting is obviously a key element to Ulver's glittering success. From the first song to the last, Ulver create powerfully driven songs that will inspire musicians all over the globe. Similarly sounding to Agalloch in ways, Ulver are masters of experimentation and that is another very key element of Ulver's music. Experimentation is nothing without Ulver and Ulver are nothing with experimenting. They go hand in hand like death and funerals. Ulver paint a picture worth a thousand words with Bergtatt. It's divine power to be able to conjure up a vast array of imagery is profoundly brilliant. From autumn landscapes to the desolation of winter snow storms. Ulver's direct approach is precise and perfect.