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Thrash metal supreme - 85%

kmorg, December 20th, 2007

6 years is way to long to have to wait for a new album from one of your favorite bands. And in truth, it doesn't feel like it was in 2001 we last heard a new full-length album from Ultimatum. The first time I heard a new track that was going to be on the new album, was in 2003. I've been eagerly awaiting 'Into The Pit' ever since!

And boy, is it worth the wait. The boys have once again turned it up a notch, and haven't settled for a sub par release. 'Into The Pit' contains 9 "new" songs, a cool cover of Iron Maiden's "Wrathchild", and a newly recorded studio version of "Blink". Every song sports a crunchy sound, with Roberts signature guitar-tone as a main focus. The man is really getting out of his shell, delivering his best riffs, solos and overall guitar-work. Just check out the bridge going into, and continuing during the chorus for "Blind Faith"! That riff alone is worth the disc!! And don't get me started on the awesome "Heart Of Metal". That song is already a classic! In fact, the entire album is friggin' great, and you're bound to constantly change favorite tracks from it.

Scott has also roughened up the vocals a bit, using a more aggressive approach, not unlike what he was doing in Once Dead.This really suits the bands music, and creates another unique feature for them. Rob's pummeling bass work is also worth mentioning. He is very audible throughout the entire disc, and it is the first time you'll really be aware of the bass on an Ultimatum album. Sean has always been a monster drummer, and his work will be missed in the band. But they have found a worthy replacement in Alan Tuma.

'Into The Pit' is easily the bands best effort to date, and it will be a hard task to follow up with anything stronger than this.