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Another reliable good fun album - 65%

olo, November 21st, 2007

Accept's contribution to Metal is undeniable. The riffs, the drums, the leads and the highly influencial vocal grunts. "Fast as a Shark" alone signalled the arrival of a new kind of faster, riffier and more aggressive kind of metal that a little later evolved into speed and thrash metal.

Michael Wagener and Udo founded it in early 70s but Wagener didn't stay for too long. He instead went on to become one of the best producers ever. Udo released a few classics with Accept (Breaker and Restless & Wild, if you're wondering where to begin with) before forming his solo band U.D.O. The first album "Animal House" was mostly done with the help of the rest of Accept who did it as a favour, what with Udo wanting to stay back in Germany and the rest of the band wanting to make it big in the states. It's been 20 years since that album, Udo has since gone back to short-lived nostalgic reunions with Accept but has continued to be prolific with his solo career.

Stefan Kauffman who was responsible for arguably the first ever metal drum riff on the aforementioned "Fast as a shark" had to retire from drumming sometime in the 90s. He ended up joining U.D.O as a guitar player instead.

U.D.O, pushing 60, relentlessly releases metal albums backed up with constant touring. His albums are very reliable and he hasn't lost anything as far as his voice is concerned. Mastercutor is his 2007 instalment, sorry about this review going all over the place.

Opening with the title track, you're guaranteed that Udo isn't going to try anything new but just wants to deliver a solid ass-kicking heavy album. The only evolution here is the production which has become very modern. I would've preferred a less digital sounding production myself and more lively drumming but I can live with this. Guitars are riff heavy with some really cool and melodic leads to boot. Songs, one after another, are really catchy and still reminds one of the template that Accept set back in the days. As the album progresses, the first thought is just given repeated assurances. It is a very solid album with lots of thought put into coming up with a steady bunch of songs instead of half-assed ideas for fillers. The album ends with the cheesy Crash Bang Crash which I frankly can do without but it has been a very enjoyable listen yet again. Doesn't top any of his previous efforts either but Udo, not very unlike Lemmy, has once again delivered. "The Wrong Side of Midnight" which is the first single/video of the album is a really good choice and it seems to have worked for these boys. This is, so far, their most well received album by the charts in their country too.

How I would've loved to see Accept, Scorpions and Black Sabbath (With Dio) some time in the early 80s when they were at their peak tour together. They could've called it D3, D standing know, drawfs.

More off topic - In case you're wondering, the guitarist who pretty much wrote most of the Accept songs, Wolf Hoffman has become a photographer by profession. He still pulls out his strats and flying-Vs once in a while but he's pretty much out of the music business. He also released a great album called Classical a few years ago. It was a different take on classical music in the rock format. When Uli Roth (70s Scorpions) does it, it's purist classical music played on a guitar built to sound like a violin. When everyone else in the Malmsteen school does it, it's made to sound like neo-classical metal. Wolf's take was to strip things down to a minimalistic 60s-70s rock styled backing and him adapting a lot of pieces to that format. Hunt it down if you manage to, it's a refreshing release especially in the world of youtube guitar wankers.

Just U.D.O. - 75%

Orklord, June 6th, 2007

After Accept called it quits singer Udo started a new band simply called UDO in 1987. The band went further where Accept stopped. The characteristic vocals of the band leader will always remind you of Accept. Udo wanted to make real heavy metal and stayed true to the metal laws and always bringing quality releases.

Mastercutor is nothing less. The album gives us some decent heavy metal. Mastercutor is introduced by a star show act and the title number gives us the heavy metal we were waiting for. So not much suprises on this one. Only the track Tears of a Clown is slidly different, because of the other vocals and there is only a piano and cello as instruments. A great song and a great break point in the album.

Good rocking UDO songs is what this album delivers. Some great songs, some descent and some less numbers. No real surprises. This one is for Accept and U.D.O. fans and also for the old-school freaks.

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