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Good and mindless fun... - 75%

Snxke, November 27th, 2004

U.D.O. and company throw together a set of tracks not completed for the "Holy" record and re-grind them into passable shape in the form of "Man and Machine". This record doesn't even come close to capturing the great Accept-styled vibe on Holy but it still works as an enjoyable slab of metal. The production is typically Kraut-perfect and the playing/vocals are spot on as usual for the U.D.O. boys. While this may not be any more than half as inspired as the record before it...U.D.O. delivers the goods.

The catchiest numbers include the bouncing "Private Eye", the opening march of "Man and Machine" and the slithering "Black Heart". These songs stand well with the U.D.O. level of qaulity and will bear well under repeated listens. To rather silly ballad with Doro doesn't do much for me, but the rest is enjoyable even if it's not as catchy as the above mentioned songs. Other than the crappy ballad, it never decays into total garbage as many "leftover" records do.

U.D.O. shows his "craft over art" form here and puts forth a "good" metal album with some great songs, some good songs and one piece of utter crap. I suggest this to any U.D.O. or Accept fans as there is much here to be valued, if only as a simple head-bang...

I say buy it!