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Tyrants of Hell > Repulsive Worship > 2014, Cassette, Wohrt Records > Reviews
Tyrants of Hell - Repulsive Worship

The standard set of ug thrash metal - 45%

oneyoudontknow, August 28th, 2014
Written based on this version: 2014, Cassette, Wohrt Records

Yes, such is the case with the album … whether it should be labelled by “repulsive” by anyone, shall be left open to debate, but it cannot be disputed that the performance of Tyrants of Hell is anything but oriented on the modern standards of the thrash/death metal scene. With only one track close to the three minute barrier and most of the others below the two minute one this band's performance is rather on the spot and not particularly playful. Not that they would lack the enthusiasm or the energy.

Each of the composition unleashes furious music like there would be no tomorrow. No messing around, no adventures into other realms of the metal scene. “Play Fast Or Die Slow”, the third track on “Repulsive Worship” seems to sum it up pretty well. It should be noted though that the last track diverts a bit from this direction.

All of this appears in a dirty and raw kind of way. This is music from the underground and it carries a good amount of the characteristic facets of it. At times it sounds like a band that has met in a rehearsal room and recorded their performance. Polishing is for looser and posers.

Some name dropping towards the end of the review:
old Sodom, Merciless, Sarcofago, Protector … etc.

This demo is not bad, but also not too good. With roughly twelve minutes it offers only a little snack … maybe once they deliver something with a bit more flesh and content this impression will change.