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Not bad, pretty funny though! - 78%

Madman, August 10th, 2003

Starting this fake live album with an opening chant of "You Suck!!" from the "crowd" kind of sums up Type O's attitude about themselves in two words. Going from fast punkish parts to doom to gothy to almost popish the band really stretches out sometimes. You can hear it all on this "live" album as well as a healthy dose of humor.

The better cuts from the album are "I Know You're Fucking Someone Else" (going from fast punk to a doom crawl) and "Pain" (a faster punk type song). I'm not a big fan of "Kill You Tonight" being in two parts but whatever. "Are You Afraid" and "Gravity" are both strong songs with a few little surprises. "Hey Pete" is a great cover. Type O do it extremely well, it's quite surprising how the band can do such great covers and be able to turn every song into something that sounds like a Type O original. "Paranoid" is another good cover that's REALLY slowed down when compared to the original. It's hardly recognizable actually.

Overall a pretty good effort by Type O. The songs are a bit schizophrenic, going from fast punk to gothy or doomy passages in an instant. The fake crowd is hilarious and the stuff Peter Steele says back to them is great. A definite must if you're a Type O fan and even if you aren't it wouldn't hurt to give it a listen.