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This excellent album changed my life - 100%

flaopium138, August 30th, 2012

Type O Negatives fourth official release, October Rust, is a stunning and beautiful release of the gothic doom metal genre, a genre that prior to listening to this album I was only vaguely familiar with. I was and still am very into Danzig and I like my music to be dark, melodic, and with a singer that preferably has some type of unique vocal style and delivery. I had listened to all of Danzig's albums dozens and dozens of times and was looking for something similar, so I looked at the other members of Danzig's band to see what their former or alternate bands are and I found Johnny Kelly of Type O Negative. I had heard of T.O.N. when I was younger, but I did not know anybody that liked them and had never heard them, however I was interested so I looked them up and the first song I heard was Love You to Death off of October Rust. I liked it so I listened to a few more songs and read some reviews on this website and I thought that this would be the most accessible album for me, so I bought it. It took me at least a few listens to fully appreciate the album, but I find that I don't really get the full experience until at least the second listen of most gothic doom metal bands.

Anyway I think the standout songs are Green Man, Love You to Death, Red Water (Christmas Mourning), Die With Me, My Girlfriend's Girlfriend, In Praise Of Bacchus, Wolf Moon, Haunted, and a much heavier version of Neil Young's song, Cinnamon Girl. I think all of the songs are great and they are mostly more positive than their other albums. This album has a very lush and pretty sound and the keyboards are excellent. The vocals are amazing with Peter's leads and Kenny’s backups. The bass is great and unique and it does not just follow the drums or the guitars like most bands, and the drums are great even though they are programmed.

I believe this album needs to be listened to as a whole to fully appreciate it and maybe even more than once. This album got me hooked on Type O Negative and they are now my favorite band. Sadly, the lead vocalist of this band, Peter Steele, died April 14, 2010 and left a hole in mine and many other peoples' hearts that will never be filled again. I love Peter Steele and Type O Negative. The lyrics that were written by Steele have such a deep resonance and meaning for me and his words have touched me like no other. So in conclusion, I suggest you buy this album because it is one of a kind. This is the album that got me hooked on gothic doom metal, which is now my favorite genre.