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Great fun! - 100%

grimdoom, August 18th, 2008

After five amazing albums Type-O finally saw it fit to give us a glimpse into their world. This DVD has a lot to offer with only a few flaws to speak of. In this we see four mature musicians honing their respective crafts through various parts in their career. The montage has cuts of past interviews and shows strewn throughout. The self-depreciating humor never gets old or boring either.

The production is pretty good from start to finish. You have the options of watching the program with or without the commentary. You can also view the video for "Everything Dies" (which also has a separate commentary track) as well as hear two tracks from the 'World Coming Down' sessions that were later put on the 'Least Worst of..." compilation.

The show without the commentary is pretty cool, showing the bands videos more or less in consecutive order. This is where the first complaint comes in, you cannot select the videos by themselves, and if you want to see any of them (save the aforementioned) you have to watch and/or fast forward through a lot of material. Either way however, it’s interesting to see the band as they were a decade ago and how they've changed as people. They also give away a few arguably personal tidbits in here as well. This part does drag a bit towards the end but is still worth watching.

The show with the commentary is one of the funniest things you'll probably ever see as it’s beyond entertaining. Hearing how the members have changed as people is interesting, but hearing them rip on themselves and in turn each other is priceless. If you are into the band, you will find this is more than worth the price of the product.

One of the other complaints would be that there is not enough behind the scenes footage (like their new and horrible DVD 'Symphony for the Devil'). But to that end there are also no exposed male genitals or male nudity for that matter (except for one close up of Josh’s ass). After all is said and done, we're left with the impression that these guys are normal, down to earth headbangers with the same issues and problems that we have. This is a lot of fun in a short period of time.

Strangely Addictive - 87%

TekFox, June 26th, 2003

Being a huge fan of Type O Negative... this DVD just rubbed off on me in an awkward fashion. I don't know why, but watching one time with commentary, and one time without just seemed to make it all better. While the commentary has dry, to-the-bone humor, and brings a different edge to the DVD as a whole.

Now, aside from that... It's very informing on the bands life between Bloody Kisses and October Rust... and just a pinch of World Coming Down. Though like others have said, no live-performances. Yet it does have a few funny segments of Type O at a couple shows with Pantera, having fun like it was the last day of their lives right there in front of thousands.

Its worth it just for the comedy - especially if you're a fan... you'll most likely get more of the jokes. But, as mentioned before - its best if you watch this DVD already being a fan of at least 2 albums.

Hmmm... - 78%

Snxke, January 24th, 2003

A hilarious but somewhat useless video following the band around on their zany adventures throuth the wild, wacky and tangy world of Type O Negative. No full live performances, the banjo that seems to haunt Johnny Kelly's interview sections and the overall oddness of the band certainly makes for an interesting video. Get it for the music vids - watch it for the rest I geuss.

Not as interesting as it could have been - but for hardcore fans it's cerntainly worth the wait.