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Consistency works! - 85%

thewitchfinder, December 24th, 2008

This is, hands down, the Tygers most solid and unswerving release in retrospect to their later filler soaked duds. The composition embodies the unrefined attitude and ferocity of the NWOBHM movement completely, pre-dating many other musicians’ songwriting that would later take claim to the genre.

Although the writing is rather formulaic and repetitive at times – it still clearly represents positive consistency that is unwavering, ballsy, and vicious in comparison with many of the band’s contemporaries during the time. Though commercial, “The Story So Far” is an extremely well-crafted and catchy track while the adrenaline fused guitar work and speed of “Hellbound” will surely have your head moving.

Killer riffage, speed, and wild guitar licks culminate into one great listen! Ignoring the expected ballad track, “Mirror”, Tyger of Pan Tang’s “Spellbound” is a lean, no bullshit approach to heavy metal that is a great addition to any collection.