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A real NWOBHM Classic - 85%

brocashelm, October 7th, 2005

Very surprised to see so few Tygers reviews on this site...oh well. SPELLBOUND is a great record, period. Not only does it feature the amazing guitar work of John Sykes (soon to graduate to Thin Lizzy) but some killer tunes as well. "Gangland" is as heavy and brash as the NWOBHM gets, and even the melodic, slightly commercial "The Story So Far" is a killer tune. Really the whole album is very consistent, and the band's reputation as legends of their particulat scene is well deserved. Yeah, it's true the band kinda sold out from this point on, offering poppy metal releases that embarassed their hardcore fanbase (like me) but rest assured that WILD CAT, CRAZY NIGHTS, and SPELLBOUND are excellent NWOBHM that belongs alongside anything by Tank, Raven, Atomkraft, or Samson had to offer!