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Deficient. - 50%

Empyreal, January 2nd, 2011

Tygers of Pan Tang started out borderline-metal with a lot of poppy choruses and rock riffs, and they just slid further and further down that pipeline as their career regressed…well, this is their third album, released the same year as the awesome Spellbound, and I have to say, I think it’s made up of the B-sides to that album. Because it’s just not that good.

This is basically a Scorpions album, except with less good songwriting. I mean, I guess this stuff isn’t bad or anything. It’s got bouncy, hook-filled riffs, syrupy vocals and lyrics about partying and relationships. That’s about all the musical description you need, as this is really the most basic metal gets without just…vanishing into thin air altogether. But it’s really not great, either. Crazy Nights’ problem comes down to the fact that most of the songs just don’t hit that hard, and won’t be that memorable after the album ends.

The songs just go through the motions of 80s rockametal and are pretty good while they’re on, but none of them really make me want to come back and listen again. The closest this album comes is “Love Don’t Stay,” which is shamelessly catchy, and “Never Satisfied” and “Crazy Nights,” which sound sort of like really old Iron Maiden tracks, when Paul Dianno still sang for them. They’re not as good as that, but the feel is there, and they’re enjoyable enough. On the other hand, opener “Do It Good” is downright soggy with its wimpy vocal lines and “Lonely Man” and “Make a Stand” drag the album right into the dirt, feeling twice as long as they really are without any big hook to pull me in.

I think my biggest hang up here is the vocals. Jon Deverill is talented, but he’s best used singing epic, drawn out vocals like on “Mirror” or “Hellbound” off the last album. Here he pretty much just sticks to sub-par Klaus Meine renditions, without near the amount of charm or finesse. It’s just not as entertaining and I feel like he could have done way better. Disappointing.

So, yeah, Crazy Nights is pretty damn tame. There are good moments here, but a lot of the album wallows in stale 80s cheese that just doesn’t rock my boat that hard. A lot of the songs just aren’t that entertaining, and the vocal melodies aren’t as good as the previous album. Deficient songwriting with moments of promise but very little in the way of actual quality. You can do better than this.