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Feel the power of the title track's three orphans - 86%

Gutterscream, June 27th, 2017
Written based on this version: 1983, 12" vinyl, Atlantic Records

…we ride the tiger, we ride the storm, we’ll fight your fire like never before…

The final promotional doodad dedicated to the band’s already on-shelf sophomore effort comes in a few more guises than its predecessors. They are:

- a pair of radio promos with “You Can’t Stop Rock ‘n’ Roll”, easily the best of the a-side mainstays, one of which has a different b-side.

- 7” and 12” versions of the ongoing fun stuff studio a-side/live b-side format.

- a 12” version with the title cut and featuring a nifty b-side of three unreleased tracks from the YCSRnR sessions.

Obviously the radio promos are a-sided with the album’s title. One, the true promo, excitingly repeats it as its b-side while the other pours us lukewarm “I Am (I’m Me)”. Yippee.

Regardless of vinyl size, the enduring studio/live arrangement treats us to a live b-side of outta nowhere oldies covers with well-known “Let the Good Times Roll”, originally by Shirley & Lee circa. 1956, and not-so-well-known “Feel So Fine”, originally by Johnny Preston circa. 1959. Sped up and methed up in an urgently sloppy sense as part of the '83 Marquee Club recordings outta London.

My widest, silliest grin comes with a 12” ep’s worth of b-side studio oddities, three actually, that were apparently found homeless on YCSRnR’s cutting room floor. To my happiness, with a room rented here powerlifter “Feel the Power” isn’t aimlessly wandering the streets, yet to my dismay YCSRnR, which coulda used its obvious brawn, evidently turned it away. “Four Barrel Heart of Love” with its vocally-harked chorus and story-told, leg-kickin’ “One Man Woman” rock a little heavier than their namesakes let on while holding onto something anthemic, which is a songcraft tactic TS started taking a liking to around this time and use expressly in the near future.

Yer best bet is the last unless you’re a live cover knucklehead or promo hound. I’m acquainted with both.

Yummy! three obscure songs - 88%

morbert, May 29th, 2009

This 12 inch EP is worth getting your hands on if you're really into Twisted Sister. It took until 1999 before these songs from 1983 were available on CD (the re-issue of the full length "You Can't Stop Rock 'n' Roll" album) but of course if we're talking eighties stuff, we want to get the vinyl, not a CD. If you're only in it for the music, just get the re-issue but vinyl collectors do keep your eyes open for this one since it features no less than three studio songs which never made it onto a regular full length.

"Four Barrel Heart Of Love" and "One Man Woman" are typical hard rock stompers with a sing-a-long chorus, "One Man Woman" being the most cheesy of the two and it could've come straight from Ace Frehley's 1978 solo album. But the real gem here is "Feel The Power". An up tempo metal song in true What You Don't Know / Stay Hungry/ Power And The Glory tradition even though the chorus is not as strong as the mentioned classics.

A must-have if you're collecting Twisted Sister's eighties material!