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Pretty fucking good 80s metal - 79%

UltraBoris, November 23rd, 2002

This is a very solid offering from Twisted Sister... by this time they had been together as a band for 10 years, and performing in pretty big clubs for about 4 at least, so while this is a debut album, it is not nearly as rough or primitive as that of many other bands. And, furthermore, it's pretty fucking heavy - people seem to lump them in with a lot of other 80s bands, but for 1982, this is pretty ahead of its time. It's got a LOT of moments that are speed metal, and a few that are even thrash!! There's the occasional rockish moment, but they work pretty well... if you like Judas Priest or WASP, you will like this. It's not a 100% consistent album, but when it rocks, it totally fucking rocks harder than just about anything else from this time.

We start with "What You Don't Know" (Sure can hurt you!), a pretty nice 80s rocking number, with some solid catchy riffing, and a great solo. "Bad Boys of Rock and Roll" is next, which is a more rockish number, but having a great solo nonetheless.

"Run for Your Life" - awesome. This starts off slowly, and sounds like a little ballad or something... but then it explodes out of fucking nowhere... "and she wonders, and if he wonders, about her. Well darling, you'd better..."

RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!! Riff riff riff!!! Total fucking speed metal mayhem coming out of nowhere. The riffs are solid, and make you want to headbang, and there's none better than that. Pure solid METAL.

Then, a slightly faster song ... you're committing SINAFTERSIN! Man, if the Priest album of that name had been this good. Oh one can only hope. Great solo, great melodic riffs. There's nothing really complicated here, but it all works - very reminiscent of a certain other band that Are Sexual Perverts.

"Shoot them Down", a bit more midpaced but with a solid headbanging riff set. Also, the solo is very well executed. Then, "Destroyer" plods along, mowing down everything in its path... it's the song that doesn't go fast, but makes up for it by bludgeoning you repeatedly.

Then... "Under the Blade"! UNDER THE BLADE!!!! Quite possibly the best Twisted Sister ever (it and Burn in Hell are fighting it out as we speak) - you're trying to make it to the front, and you're pinned against the side.....then some riffs that are best described as thrash. Both Overkill and Heathen nipped that main break riff! And the song was supposedly written in 1978!

Then, "I'll Never Grow Up Now (Now)" is a lighter number - okay, most everything is, compared to the previous song. A bit rockish, nonetheless fun, and then another face-bending solo. The solos aren't overly technical, they just work really well in the melodic sense. Then, "Day of the Rocker" closes it off - the verses are kinda lame, but a decent chorus. Still, the weakest song on the album.

So, overall - we have a few heavy fucking metal staples to be found here. This is definitely an essential album, for at the time these guys were just about the heaviest thing around. I dare you to find another Destroyer or Under the Blade from this far back!