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Under the Fucking Blade!!!! - 84%

PowerMetalGuardian, May 13th, 2003

Under the Blade is noted by most critics as Twisted Sister's second greatest accomplishment. And that's it! There is not much talk about this album, and I don't know why? A lot of people think Twisted Sister is glam metal, and in ways they are. However, Under the Blade is anything but 80's glam metal. And if you still think this album is glam then you need to listen to songs like Destroyer, Sin After Sin, and Under the Blade!

Here is just some lyrics from Under the Blade:
"You've got to realize it is he who tolls the bell
You must open up your eyes before you're burning deep in hell!"
Sounds pretty metal to me!

You also have to put in account the year this album came out, which was 1982. I'll stress once again the difference between Twisted Sister and glam metal bands. The glam rockers wanted pussy, Twisted Sister wanted to take over the world!

Musically this album kicks ass, not as good as Stay Hungry, but very fucking close. It starts off kind of rockish with songs like What You Don't Know and Bad Boys (which sounds a lot like We're Not Gonna Take It). These songs have cool riffs and nice solo's, they just tend to lean towards the rockish side of Twisted Sister. However, this ends with the opening riff to Run For Your Life, which is pretty heavy for 1982. Sin After Sin continues this awsome rage of destruction and heavy metal. The rest of the album is pretty solid and heavy; good songs being Destroyer, Shoot Em Down and Under the Blade. I must also mention how this album sounds a lot like Judas Priest, that is in the soloing. The solo's remind me a lot of the early Judas Priest days, Stained Class, Sin After Sin, etc. Vocals kick ass, as they usually do, Snider has that style that says get the fuck out of the way or your gonna get killed. Nice heavy, deep sound, with occasional 80's Ow's and Ohh's.

A very decent and worthy Twisted Sister's album. If you like Stay Hungry, love 80's metal, or just want to give it a try, then I highly recommend this one! It is very heavy, given Twisted Sister's 80's status!