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Sounds shit, material good - 85%

MetalReaper, August 30th, 2004

In december 1972, the guitarist Jay Jay French formed this band. Legend says that French played in band called Rainbow (no relation to Ritchie Blackmore's) with the gentlemen called Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons. The band had various line-up changes, before it was stabilized. Twisted Sister was a big name in the New York club scene, but no major labels were intrested. After recording couple of singles for their own Twisted Sister Records, the underground label Secret finally signed this band. The band flew to England and this is the result.

Dee Snider became the main songwriter after his joining to the band in 1976. Most of the tracks are written in the long club period between 1976-1982. The album was produced by UFO bassist Pete Way. The production is the albums weakest link, partly because this was the Way's first production. Thought the album sounds terrible, Snider's songwriting saves this album.

The band doesn't sound as good as it were on future albums. Guitarist are good, but some riffs are too dull and Snider's voice isn't so powerful as it was meant to be. The band is often regarded as a glam band by it's funny make-up, but it's more heavier and fucking all the times isn't the major point, which many prettyboy glammers were into.

"What you don't know (sure can hurt you)" doesn't start very promising. But the chorus is good and saves the song. Actually choruses are the Sister's most accomplished part. Snider has that nasty habit of screaming already. "Bad boys (of rock 'n' roll)" is more happier with good riff (or solo?) backing awesome vocals. The song is originally released as a TSR single back in 1980, but is now re-recorded. It's a essential party-metal track. "Run for your" life is slower and Snider actually sings instead of screaming in the beginning of it. Then it appears to be not only slower, but also heavier and ball-crushing. "Sin after sin" is one of the best songs of the album in my personal opinion. It has an ass-kicking lead guitar riff and nasty vocals. Listen to it by yourself if you don't believe me! "Shoot 'em down" is a basic TS track with nasty vocals. Guitar solo is also good.

"Destroyer" is undoubtedly one of the best TS tracks ever. It's more slower and heavier. Needless to say, it's crusher like a tank. "Under the blade", the title song is also a definitive TS classic. Intro riff is actually pretty insignificant, but the main riff is one of the best riffs I have ever heard. Snider screams the song to end. "Tear it loose" is a fastest song of the album, what makes it really enjoyable little song. "Day of the rocker" is the final song of the album. It's slow, and even more sad than other tracks. It may be the most sad, but it isn't too sad.

I was positively surprised that there were no ballads on the album, because most of the albums seem to have at least one. It's actually no wonder why the album was a underground hit and big label bosses got interested. Despite it's poor sound quality, the album is still great, thanks to it's songwriting. Thank you!