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Well, I took it. - 100%

raspberrysoda, May 2nd, 2016

This is one of the best American heavy metal albums of the 80's, and of all time as well. Twister Sister have shifted their sound from straightforward heavy metal to a more commercial one, with keeping the heavy metal attributes and overall quality of their previous albums.

The cover may be misinterpreted by many, as it shows the lead singer, Dee Snyder, covered in makeup which immediately bring glam metal to mind, and glam metal has given the impression of low-quality musicianship and a ton of cheese. Although the latter is more than right, the talent here is heard in any aspect. All of the riffs here are memorable, and aren't overused or underused (a thing that is heard throughout many albums of that time) which makes them a key driving force in the album. They feature very simple chord structures that were made to be catchy and heavy in the same time that will leave you headbanging for months. The vocals are all over the album as well, with Dee Snyder doing a superior job with delivering them. They have the classic glam metal poppiness to them, but are also badass and emotional as hell- which makes them sound very natural (can you read that, Discharge?) and fitting.

The songs are very chorus driven, which doesn't damage the songs themselves, because the verses and the choruses here are some of the catchiest in the whole genre (and if you haven't sang along to We're Not Gonna Take It or I Wanna Rock you immediately lose all of your credibility, because what normal person hasn't done that before?). They are perfectly structured and give space for all of the instruments and Dee to show how badass this album is in terms of musicianship and catchiness. There's even a semi-epic in the album, Horror-Teria...., which is a really great experimental song compared to the rest of the album and features really great riff and solo sections. (And did I mention that the title track is really similar to Riot's Fire Down Under?) All of the songs here are superior in every term, with most of them being really anthemic and well-known and liked by non-metal fans (thanks a lot- Donald Trump and Spongebob Squarepants). Even the power ballad of Stay Hungry (which is a really surprising fact for the fact of having only one ballad in the album), The Price, is really great and doesn't deliver a synthetic and a forced feeling to it.

A very notable point of the album is the production. It doesn't feature the typical hair metal production which focuses on the vocals, but instead, emphasizes the guitars more which gives a more heavy metal feeling to the album. The drums and the bass aren't left behind are are equalized perfectly. The lyrics are notable too, for having some typical glammy "sex, drugs, and rock'n'roll" parts along with having really epic sections as well:

"The mob assembled, smoke filled the air
And marched in anger to do what's fair
To bring to justice this souless thing
And show the others what evil brings
Now before you shake your head, think if it was your child instead"
(Street Justice)

Overall, this is a classic album in all terms and is a must-listen for every rock and metal fan ever. Mandatory.