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An eighties milestone - 99%

morbert, March 6th, 2008

Twisted Sister are legends. And this is not without reason. Had it only been because of their outfits, bands like Stryper or Tigertailz would have gotten just as big but they didn’t. So besides the image there must have been something about their music as well. And indeed there is.

We’re talking here about the ultimate Twister Sister album. The album which combined all styles the band ever stood for. Up tempo metal songs, a ballad, sleazy sing-a-longs, pounders, fistbangers. Everything is here and not even Manowar have come this close to releasing an album so complete with everything eighties rock.

For the metal minded people we have the up tempo opener and title track “Stay Hungry” which has a great vocal performance by Dee Snider and a memorable catchy yet non-cheesy chorus. Another true metal highlight is the song “Burn In Hell” which combines up tempo metal with a great eerie doomy intro. The fast song “Don’t Let Me Down” is a simple song but the melodies and vocal lines make it more than memorable and the song has a certain beauty to it.

The two classic hard rocking sing-a-longs “We're Not Gonna Take It” and “I Wanna Rock” did not only have the most ultimate rock videos from the eighties but in fact are also two of the best rocking songs from the eighties. Once you’ve heard them, you will never forget them.

“The Beast” is a slow pounding song and once again extremely catchy (especially the massive chorus riff). “SMF” is a great tribute to their die-hard fan base and the epic “Captain Howdy/Street Justice” features some nice creepy lyrics. Furthermore I must of course mention the ballad “The Price” which I’ve always liked. Dee Snider’s performance is really outstanding here, preventing the song from getting too cheesy.

There is absolutely nothing for me to complain concerning “Stay Hungry”. It represents the best of Twister Sister and is a milestone in eighties history combining metal and rock so perfectly. Since there can never be ‘the’ perfect album and I consider this ‘a’ perfect album I will of course honour it by giving 99 points.