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Stay Hungry, hungry for THE rebellious rock record of the 80's - 85%

LarsA81, July 19th, 2019

As a young kid, I remember sitting with the older kids of my mom's boyfriend and watching MTV. They were probably about 12 and 16 years old, and sitting there watching all of these colorful videos really opened my eyes to a new world. Speaking of colorful and videos, one that I specifically remember, were the one for "We're Not Gonna Take It" by Twisted Sister. You hear this song once, and you won´t forget it.

Singing along is one of the key-words for TS's album "Stay Hungry". Not only does it have two of the biggest heavy rock anthems ever ("We're Not Gonna Take It" and "I Wanna Rock"), every single song is a smashing poppy rock tune, and the simplicity of the songs invites you right into the album.

The first two songs on the album ("Stay Hungry" and "We're Not Gonna Take It") are super simple and catchy rock tunes that makes you feel comfortable with this album - it almost feels like you've heard it before the first time you spin it. Then it takes a turn to darker territory with "Burn In Hell". This song is easily the most progressive and darkest track on the album- With its spook intro that sounds like the darkest and most moody stuff from Alice Cooper, it explodes into yet another heavy anthem with its almost preachy lyrics "It's up to you, what you do with your life will decide your own fate - make your choice now, for tomorrow may be far too late".

After the two-songs-on-one-track "Horror-Teria", which works okay, but probably should have been split into two seperate tracks, we get another heavy rock anthem. "I Wanna Rock" is the essence of the entire album! It's simple, catchy, straight-forward and a rocker! Just like "We're Not Gonna Take It", you'll be singing along from the get-go. Then there's the obligatory 80's ballade "The Price". It doesn't get too cheesy or weepy, but resonates that this band has been on the road for a looong time before releasing "Stay Hungry", and there is a price to pay creating a beast like Twisted Sister had become.

The last three tracks are great. "The Beast" is a heavy stomper squeezed in between the two up-beat tracks "Don't Let Me Down" (which has great use of double bass drum) and the closing track "S.M.F.". Sick MotherFucker (SMF) is the result of the transformation you have gone through listening to this rebellious rock record. Dee Snider proclaims "You're a walking wonder, you're a metal machine - look and see, you're a lot like me - You're an SMF!"

Twisted Sister is by no means a great band. Guitar riffs are simple, solos are not that interesting, the bass can be heard here and there, but for the most parts, it is low in the mix and finally, the drumming isn't the exceptional either. Snider's voice has a rather hoarse sound to his singing. But what makes this album stand out, is the "Heavy rock is gonna conquer the world"-attitude, the structure of the songs on the album and the catchy, almost pop-like way the songs are delivered. A classic that still holds to this day!