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An Entertaining Release for the Devoted Fan - 75%

The_Scrab, May 30th, 2009

A two disk concert recorded during the "Stay Hungry" tour at the legendary Hammersmith Odeon, Twisted Sister's appropriately titled "Live at Hammersmith" is an entertaining and rewarding package. The set list is packed with Recent hits as well as old school and often over looked early cuts. The production is RAW. In fact, it doesn't sound as anyone produced it at all; in short, exactly as it should be. Everything is audible and clear, there are no overdubs, no studio "enhancements", they didn't even bother cutting out any in between song downtime or onstage banter.

This is the album's strongest point, while the playing is fine and dandy, I'm not sure I've ever laughed so hard while listening to music. Dee Snider, on top of being an excellent frontman and singer, is an exceptionally funny person. If this had been the A-typical 80's pop metal album, it would be processed to pieces, overdubbed to hell, and recorded in a warehouse. But this isn't the typical live album, the whole driving point of this release is to give TS fans a wholesome live concert in an honest setting without any tricks, and in that regard, the album is a resounding success. They even tacked on a couple covers recorded before they were even on a record label. How's that for value for money?

Unfortunately, this is a rare situation, in which the pros of this album are also the cons. This release won't appeal to anyone who isn't a hardcore fan. It's also not something that can be listened to over and over again. The performance itself is good, but not super inspired, and the tracks come in at weird times because of the unedited banter.

All in all, it's of interest to hardcore supporters, but not fit for public consumption. It also gets bonus points for having Lemmy appear for about twelve seconds, for no reason. Go figure.