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The album that turned metal into rock! - 78%

PowerMetalGuardian, May 26th, 2003

Twisted Sisters fourth full length, Come Out and Play, is definetly not a bad album, just not the greatest. Some parts in this album are heavy metal, while other parts lead to more of a straight out, rock and roll sound. So the greatest controversy over this album: Is it heavy metal or rock! I have come to the conclusion that it is heavy metal starting to turn to a more modern rock sound. Then there are times when this album has the ever familiar sound of "glam metal"!

So what is the heavy metal part of this album? The Fire Still Burns is a perfect example of heavy metal! The opening riff will make you headbang for sure. It has a fast paced drum beat and riff, and awsome vocals. Kill Or Be Killed, another great example. Awsome heavy metal drum beating and heavier riffs then some of the other songs on here. The lyrics are also definetly more darker and different from the other songs that aren't heavy metal.

Still ever present in Twisted Sister is the "glam metal" sound. This is shown in songs like Come Out and Play, the way the vocals are done, certain riffing styles. You Want What We Got, straight power chords! Definetly showing a heavier style of riffing, especially heavier vocals. I mean come on, who shouts the name of the title before playing it? I Believe in You is definetly a glam song; ballad! A pretty good straight out, ballad, that never gets to heavy. It doesn't have the greatness that The Price or You're Not Alone.

Besides these two sides, there is definetly a pull towards a modern rock (classic rock) in this album. The best way to explain this is in the song I Believe in Rock-N-Roll! It is a pretty good song, it has a cool verse riff, awsome lyrics (anthem style I want to rock, nothing else), and a heavy drum beat. The title would suggest a rock n roll type song. Towards the end of the song Snider talks:"Oh, would that my words were written down would that they were inscribed on a record that with an iron fist and Led Zeppelin they were cut in the rock forever but as for me, I know that HEAVY METAL lives and it will at last stand fourth upon the dust that I myself shall see my own ears not another's shall behold it and from my flesh I shall see it ROCK my inmost being is consumed with longing this is the word of the rocker!" You see the parallels?

Also there are two covers on this album. Leader of the Pack, originally sung by The Shirelles. It's cool and nicely done (although it is weird cause a girl is supposed to sing this song). There are a lot of good sound effects in here, like motor cycle sounds and the backing vocals is excellent. The other cover is Be Crool to Your Skool, a roughly done cover of the Beach Boys classic!

Overall this album isn't bad, although Stay Hungry and Under the Blade are ten times better. Still it is not bad if you like 80's rock/heavy metal. Great riffing, awsome soloing, great vocals, and some unforgettable songs! Recommend for Twisted Sister fans, and 80 metal fans!!!