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Twilight Fauna - Hymns of a Forgotten Homeland

Worst attempt at black metal ever? - 10%

Djavul, October 1st, 2014
Written based on this version: 2014, Digital, Independent

This is basically unlistenable. I have no idea how a band (or rather artist) can still be so bad after 4 albums. This album starts out okay with some strummed acoustic chords and Drudkh knock-off riffs, and it seems like maybe it could go somewhere. Except it doesn't.

First of all, the vocals are just terrible. They do not resemble any sort of familiar black metal shriek. Not the classic raspy kind, not the crazy DSBM kind, and not the death metal kind or any sort of normal metal vocals. Instead, what you get are random low-pitched unintelligible groans that don't seem to make any sense with the music. It sounds like you put a microphone in a room with a mentally challenged person having the worst day of his day and then randomly sprinkled clips from the proceeding over top of a guy jamming random black metal riffs.

One thing that might make this better? DRUMBEATS. Well, technically there's a couple here and there. We get our first one 5 minutes in! It's a pretty decent beat using some toms, and helps bring the music together a little, but even then it's still messy. After that, you hear a random snare or high hat hit occasionally. Some of these may be attempts to play simple beats that get washed out in the mix, it's hard to tell. On track 4, I noticed another drumbeat! And one more at the very end of the album! Regardless, it's hard to even hear a beat or a rhythm on most of this atrocity. I tried tapping along to parts of this to find a rhythm and found it impossible at times.

The only redeeming part of this album is Ravenwood's acoustic playing. Not that it's anything special, but he's capable of playing chords in time, and those parts are at least not painful to the ears. Other than that, you're basically in for 40 minutes of groaning and messy black metal riffs without any drums behind it. Oh, there's also a bass that thumps along throughout, and comes to the forefront to add some cacophony on track 5!

Basically, it sounds like a guy got into black metal, bought a guitar, and decided he'd make an album himself... or four. There seems to be no reason for this to exist except for the artist's own enjoyment. You'd think with only one person doing all the music, it would at least be coherent. Instead it sounds like you got two guys that picked up guitar and bass a month ago, a guy that sat down on a drumset the first time, and the aforementioned angry retard (or perhaps some sort of ogre, if you want to be PC) together for a jam session, and recorded the results.