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Surprisingly good progressive (not power) debut. - 88%

TwilightMoonReviews, July 29th, 2009

Twilight's Eye For an Eye is a very scarce album, and I could only find one copy on the entire internet, which I immediately bought after hearing one of their songs online. After listening to the album a few times, the fact I mentioned before is surprising to me considering the overall quality of the album and the popular characteristics they imitate quite well on the project. This is more of a progressive album, despite The Metal Archive's listing of Twilight as a power metal band. The only tendency on the album that is similar to a power metal band is that most of the songs are pretty much straightforward.

Eye For an Eye's only flaw is that it is way too derivitive of its influences. Imperfection's intro and several parts midsong could actually qualify for a lawsuit from metal masters Savatage for their song 24 Hours Ago, and Savatage isn't even their biggest influence! Their biggest influence is the reason why I say this a progressive release, and that band is the incredible Fates Warning (They're certainly ripping off the right people!). Early on, the album sounds like a fusion of both early and later Fate's Warning, which is actually a compliment, considering how well they do it.

Vocalist Engberg even sounds like Ray Alder at times. Twilight are obviously tuning their guitars to sound like their idols, and the writing itself shows the influence found from several listens to various metal albums from the 80s. In fact, I would say the 80s would have been a better decade for the release of this album for commercial purposes. Guitars are pretty distorted, sounding heavier than most bands in the genre, which is certainly a good thing. This album is insanely heavy, almost to a point I could not believe. Bass isn't very prominent on this album, and the volume on this instrument isn't turned up high enough. Drums, however, sound perfect. Even the production of this album could be compared to Fate's Warning! It has this sort of dark and atmospheric sound that I personally enjoy. It's very laid back at the same time, somehow.

Eye For an Eye is definitely one of the better albums in the genre, and I definitely reccomend it despite its similarity to greater bands' work. Enjoy! (If you can find it, anyway...)