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their first album was better - 76%

tallhagillani, January 8th, 2008

When I listened Tvangeste's first album, I was impressed, not with their originality or symphonies but with the emotion that I felt in most of their songs, everything was almost perfect about that album.

The things that I firstly noticed in this album was that the vocal range of Miron has differed since the last album. In Damnation of Regiomontum, Miron's vocals sounded somewhat original but in this album I question their originality because as much as I hate to mention it but they do somewhat can be related to Dani Filth vocals. The keyboards are more fast and flashier this time, their original guitarist has been replaced with some new guitarist and he doesn't had the same depth that was present in their last album. The music is highly enjoyable but not as captivating for mature listeners as their last album was.

The reason for this slight decline is that in this album Miron is totally incharge where as in the last album their guitarist was sharing as much responsibility as Miron did. The drumming is faster and the guitar riffs are fast but they don't have as much power behind them as they should. The female vocals are enjoyable but sound fairly commercial unlike in Damnation of Regiomontum.

This is a good album, it is very enjoyable while their last full length effort Damnation of Regiomontum was better and I've listened and fallen in love with this album so I might not find their new sound refreshing but with this new sound Tvangeste can make more money since there are so many fans of Cradle of Filth out there, thery'll at once fall in love with this sort of music.

Regardless of my feelings about their first album "Damnation of Regiomontum", I am giving them benefit of the doubt and will give them a good rating and will hope that their new album (if they released) will be not as much commercial as this one.

I... I Just Can't - 5%

GTog, December 11th, 2006

Every once in awhile I find a Black Metal band that I like. ‘Tvangeste’ isn’t one of them.

I can’t imagine vocals more annoying. I just want everybody who ever utters a word on this album to shut up. It's so bad that subtracts from every track. The music, as horrible and amateurish as it is, is brought low by any attempt at singing. It simply grates against the nerves.

We start off with the obligatory 'Introduction', which is just an orchestral warmup that tricks the listener into thinking that the tracks to follow have musical qualities. 'Under the Black Raven's Wings' reveals the bitter, bitter truth.

Orchestral bits are really not supposed to be filler for when you run out of metal, or any other, ideas. I think the fellow in Tvangeste may have realized this themselves at some point, because they do change it up now and then. Adding piano, for example.

Unfortunately, the changeup goes from “out of place” to “goofy”. ‘Storm’ in particular starts out like the background music to a silent movie. Something with cowboys, I can’t decide. When the metal part of the track kicks in, you’d think it would pick up, but it just makes me yearn for the cowboy music.

I just can’t think of any redeeming qualities to this album. Well, that’s not entirely true – the individual elements are reasonably accomplished, it’s just that they’re all hashed together in a mess. Just a musical disaster that makes every track go from bad to worse.

Plus, we have some operatic chick busting into practically every track at exactly the point where I'm thinking "Surely it can't get worse than THIS". I can only assume that the studio was under assault from some deranged out of work opera understudy who kicked in the door with a bomb strapped to her chest.

I don’t know what the right way to use a piano, a string section, and a crazy opera lady in Black Metal is, but I now know what the wrong way is. It’s ‘Firestorm’. They could have pushed all three off the roof of a building and they would've sounded better.

Almost there... - 80%

The_Ghoul, May 14th, 2006

Tvangeste have made a career out of ripping off COF, so I'm not even gonna pretend this music isn't a direct rip-off of COF. Now, of course, this is miles better than COF's new stuff, which makes me gag in revulsion, but, oddly enough, FireStorm doesn't quite make it. The melodies abound and fit together like a puzzle coming together, and feel like they SHOULD work, but don't. On songs like Under the Raven's Black Wings, Birth of the Hero, and Perkuno's Flame, the crux never comes but is terrifyingly close to getting there; other songs don't even come close to getting a climax.

One major reason is the production, which lowers the guitars in the mix and puts the keyboards and drums too high. The bass in the mix just isn't there, and if you have cheap speakers, this CD will abuse your speakers with all of the treble in it. The drums, of course, sound triggered as hell, and unlike some COF CD's, the producer can't mask the fact that the supposed "bass drum" has no bass at all. In fact, the scratchyness of the vocals and the total lack of balls in the whole thing gets quite annoying after a while with the unpresence of bass.

However, this CD still works at times, and has all the technical things that tell you it SHOULD work, but in their attempt at creating the COF brand of metal, they focus too much on putting symphony in it and not enough on actually writing good songs. Still, though, this is no lazy effort; it just lacks the atmosphere of some other artists of similar creed like Graveworm, or COF's Dusk And Her Embrace.

Let me make it clear: I have no problem mixing bm with symphony. Bm is about using melody to create atmospheres of no other kind, and if symphony can be used to do that, they so be it.

Powerful release by Tvangeste - 87%

makaze, October 21st, 2004

Tvangeste is one of the fast rising names, coming from the distant lands of Prussia. Led by songwriter/vocalist Miron, Tvangeste have been around since 1995, and so far have managed to release one demo-album "Damnation of Regiomontum", oriented more to symphonic thrash/black metal. Their second album, "Firestorm" has been out for some time, but their have recently signed a contract with Japanese label World Chaos Production who released this CD worldwide. This will get their name heard for sure! And Tvangeste definitely deserve this! The music itself has changed a bit - first of all "Firestorm" features Baltic symphonic orchestra, which gives more mature and symphonic sound to their music. Complex arrangements and use of variety of instruments gives this album "classical music VS metal" feeling. Just like an opera in metal version. Dark/black metal, something like Cradle of Filth. That could be description of the music as well. Keyboards are great, with lots of atmospheric landscapes; screaming vocals from Miron (sounding like Dani from... guess which band?); choirs which sound maybe even better than Blind Guardian! Production is now much better, and here you can finally hear some real drumming, by Cezar Mielko (Dominum), who joined the band as a drummer (Tvangeste played for quite some time, without real drummer, except for live shows with session members). Only thing I don't like are the guitars, because they are a bit quiet. I want to hear melodies led by guitars (keep this in mind Miron :) ! Overall - more than good, this is a must-buy for all fans of melodic black metal!

Myron! shut the **** up! - 70%

Questa_Parte, June 15th, 2004

My mom said: do not mix vodka and beer, which I later knew by my own sad experience. Well recently I found out another thruth of that sort – DO NOT ever try to mix sympho and black metal. The experience which helped me to make this conclusion was Tvangeste`s “Firestorm”.
Two opposite genres…mixing the opposites may result something absolutely new and great or just spoil the whole thing, which is almost the case here.

I really wanted to hear the album again and again but I couldn`t – there were Myron`s vocals. They break everything and do not let you plunge into the mighty waves of the music…
Black Metal is RAW harsh music which creates a dolourous atmosphere of evil, hatred, and pain – black rawness and the crystally pure rest do not go together – strange that the band didn`t feel how idiotic the vocals seem, how they don`t fit the album. I understand if in a storm of harsh riffs you suddenly hear a violin or something mild – it is like a lyrical pause – you can recover your breath and feel the emotional message of the song. In “Firestorm” It` s just the opposite – you enjoy the awesome choir-orchestra-electroguitars, you open your soul for more and then comes the fucko Myron and with his lame voice and casts tons of shit upon your heart. What is peculiar – his voice is lame even in blackish terms, a real harsh, low, “distorted” vocals would not have done so much bad to the epic and strong album… But the Gollum-like voice which sometimes turns into hissing/ dog barking does ONLY HARM!

Well let`s presume the album is purified from Myron`s vocals and… we have a priceless jewel before us! The album begins with a great introduction, lyrical and invitating to something great, moving and just outstanding. And It is so – the mix of the orchestra and electric guitars is filled with emotion, it thrills and overwhelmes. The songs are really powerful and epic, there are no bad songs, you speak of the album as of one whole impulse of feelings. For example “Birth of the hero” – it begins with the symohnic sounds well flavoured with gutars and drumming, the choir follows…. Oh damn, that really gives the creeps! There are changes of tempo as well and after some slow down you are newly amidst the truly heroic passages of guitars/orchestra…
The other songs are at the same level, see Perkuno`s flame or The storm. All the songs are tied, the album evolves till the last song which is a worthy and logical ending of the theme, by the way the lyrics touch epic battles, heroes,destiny, and the noble Prussian lands, who fight agaist numerous foes(see epic battles).

Well for the music it`s 100 and even more, far more,
For the vocals even 0 is too much, because they do not let to enjoy the music and are simply redundant, so the final vote is not more than 70…. I almost cry, but now, when I here Myron emerge again and overcovers the beatiful music, I see that it cannot be otherwise…

Just perfect..... - 100%

Lonely_Werewolf, June 1st, 2004

After recording the amazing debut album "Damnation of Regiomontum", Tvangeste recorded THE BEST BLACK METAL ALBUM IN RUSSIA, NORWAY & USA IN THE YEAR 2003, & this album really deserves being called THE BEST, for this band's special, incredible, innefable and just unbelievably beautiful music has just got better, and you can hear the amazing mixture of a great Black Metal band and the professional Baltic Symphony Orchestra in this album. The album sound's quality is just great, for the album was recorded in Selani studio in Poland (Vader, Behemoth, Lux Occulta, Arafel, Decapitated and other bands have recorded their albums in this studio). I have a doubt that there was a more original album than Firestorm ever recorded, and though music can't be described by words, I'll try to explain what I'm talking about...

All the songs sound much more fast and powerfull, than the first album's songs, yet the album is loaded with classical instruments's music, like piano and fiddle, and I must say that the Orchestra's contribution to this album is as great as the band's, yet the notes were written by the band, and it took more than 300 pages (!) to write it all down.

There should be special attention paid to those magical moments where you can hear the a mixture of an electric guitar and a violin's sounds (like in Bith of the Hero's beginning), which sound like a weird kind of a monolog.

The drums in this album are real, and the session drummer Cezar Mielko from the Polish band "Dominium" has made his work very well.

The combinations of Miron's harsh vocals and the beautiful, operatic, clean woman vocals is also not rare in this album, and it was a good idea to combine this two different kinds of voices, especially that both of the vocalists sing in the best way it could just be done.

But it's also important to mention that the band hadn't spent all of it's power on writing this amazing music, but their lyrics are still as smart and beautiful, even more than in their debut album. The lyrics in this album are based on am ancient Prussian legend, continuing from one song to another.

The band has also filmed a video clip to their song "Raven (Under the Raven's Black Wings)", which is not as good as the old "From Nameless Oracle", but it's just my opinion, and you can see yourself whether I'm right or wrong, by downloading this clip from the band's official site. Yet I LOVED this song, when I listened to it's audio version, and this album still deserves it's highest grade 100 \m/

I'm sure that this band will go on playing this special genre of music and that we are not going to be disappointed, so buy this album (which by the way exists as simple audio cd's and digipacks), you are not going to ever regret about it!

Incredible Symphonic Black Metal - 100%

Maddhatter1, March 30th, 2004

Without a doubt, one of the best albums of last year. An incredible release no matter how you look at it, Miron's vocals really stand out. Every song is very symphonic, there isn't a single section of any song without some violin, piano, or other classical instrument, Besides Miron's incredible Black Metal vocals, there are many sections with female operatic vocals, and deep death metal style chants. But these are really overshadowed by Miron's impressive vocals. One of the best Black Metal vocalists I've ever heard.
Great lyrics as well, a combination of views of society as a whole, mixed in with more generic Black Metal style lyrics. Burning villages, christian plagues, that type of thing. The song's Raven (Under the Raven's Black Wings), and Storm are particularly good. Fans of Dimmu Borgir (both old and new Dimmu) and even, *cringe* fans of Cradle of Filth should be pleased with this release. BUT, even if you don't like those bands, any Black Metal fans should buy this ASAP, it's a must have.
I recommend checking out their offical site, they have several songs available to download, from both of their albums. Check out the songs, and I think you'll agree with this review.