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Turmoil > Scourge Woods > Reviews > vrag_moj
Turmoil - Scourge Woods

POBDZ: Dirty, depressive BM with massive reverb - 50%

vrag_moj, June 27th, 2008

This is a depressive effort by Nihilifier of Shadow Magus and Erebus Enthroned. A 16-minute demo containing two lengthy songs heralded in and out of hearing by acoustic guitar.

The first thing that struck me about it is a similarity to some of the things I have heard recently, Funeral Mourning being most prominently in my mind. I guess something about the overwhelming reverb and higher pitched guitars layered over the top of the backing composition is reminiscent of that project, which is held in great respect here, however this similarity does not go beyond the superficial. The song structures are more conventionally epic Black Metal and the leads are buried deep in the mix. That aspect of the recording could have been handled better by making the leads more distinct, but that is my only complaint.

Depressive bands tend to sound very clean and crisp – this however is very raw, with a booming, ripping sound and in parts audible amplifier hum as well as generally untidy noise all over the performance. The vocals too are a long removed from the foreground through the use of massive reverb which works very well.

Musically the songs reach for that familiar melancholic, longing feeling and it is achieved successfully although it is nothing particularly new. All the best to Nihilifier with this work – I hope that he continues to develop this idea in whatever direction it may take him.

Originally published in Procession of Black Doom Zine Issue 1, 2008