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PBDZ4: Thy Kingdom of Macabre Beauty - 70%

vrag_moj, January 5th, 2010

This is a demo by another Sydney act connected to Erebus Enthroned. The style is depressive BM with a touch of funeral doom with 6 longish tracks drifting over calm rocky drums. The production and overall sounds reminds me of Funeral Morning with several important differences, one being simpler instrumentation, although used for the same melancholy effect and a more drawn-out songwriting approach that Funeral Mourning avoids often by compressing their arrangements for what could be much longer songs. Nox Inferi is probably another point of reference in how some of the lyrics are groaned, not shrieked or sung. There is some piano here and there as well as clean guitars.

I feel that whilst this is a solid work in the genre, the genre itself is holding the creator back from allowing his talents to blossom forth. Some of the simpler melancholy guitar passages which display a veiled progressive rock rather than metal sensibility indicate that he is capable of much more but for now is not taking his music in that direction. In any case there is one outstanding track (#5) on here the 10-minute dirge “Thy Kingdom of Macabre Beauty” that begins with resonant harmonic plucks and then descends into the ripping distorted guitar hell of the style.

Originally published in Procession of Black Doom zine #4