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Turbo (Pol) - Smak Ciszy - 60%

DeathRiderDoom, August 20th, 2008

A fairly good effort from Polish heavy/speed metal outfit Turbo. The title track is a fairly lacklustre ballad, and slower paced numbers like ‘Czy Mnie Nie Ma’ are fairly unexciting, while speedier, and more energetic tracks such ‘Caly Czas Ucza Nas,’ and ‘Wariacki Taniec’ offer us some exciting guitar riffs that are sure to get you swinging your heavy metal hair.

Strong vocal work is evident in ‘Wariacki Taniec’, with howling screams being performed readily by Grzegorz Kupczyk. On the axe front, Hoffmann, and £ysów trade of some excellent pieces of riffage that keep the listener enthused, while not always being overly technical. Some decent acoustic guitar is evident in the ballad ‘Jaki Byl Ten Dzien.’ The guitar work is not overly amazing, however.

The album is not extreme in pace, with most of the material being performed at an average-slow tempo. There are some real bursts of energy now and then, however, perhaps most notably in the ininstrumental ‘Narodziny Demona’ (I gather that’s something to do with demons, ha!) which is a galloping, guitar lead heavy epic that keeps one captivated. I probably prefer the album ‘Kawaleria Szatana’ to this one; however, I’ m proud to have it in my collection. I still have no idea,what the songs are about however, but check it out.