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A True Masterpiece! - 98%

Predator667, August 4th, 2004

This is the third TURBO album. By most of their fans it is considered their best ever. On this record the band changes their sound, from a hard’n’heavy sound of their two first albums, to a more thrashy sound, to which they will stick for the next two albums.

The first song on this album is “¯o³nierz Fortuny”. It’s main riff is kind of weird, so I didn’t like this one until I heard it live. Mainly the song is a speed/thrash metal blow right in your face (as the whole record is). The song is about a ship fighting with a great storm in the sea. The vocals are great and the solos are face melting. Killer song. The next song is “D³oñ Potwora”. This one starts whit some calm guitar melodies, just to turn into another metal monster. Everything is great here - the vocals (the singing and the screams are both incredible), the guitars (riffs and solos - both fantastic!), the bass (even though it just supports the guitars), the drums (the drummer makes good use of the snare). The song is about a monster attacking in the dreams. The third piece is one of the best songs in the history of the band - “Sztuczne Oddychanie”. I just can’t keep myself from singing along with the vocalist! The song is fast, has great solos, magnificent melodies and double bass banging. Pure genius! The fourth song is another classic - “Kometa Halleya”, about the fear, which the comet caused centuries ago. The guitar work is fabulous, the drums are great, everything is great! The fifth piece is “Kawaleria Szatana cz. 1”, the first part of the title song. This one is about Satan and his followers killing people - the band tried to tell, that the one who causes all evil in the world is Satan. Sounds obvious, but it isn’t so to everyone.

The tapes b-side starts with “Wybacz Wszystkim Wrogom”. A song with Christian reason. The song begins with a quote from Simone Weil. Just another perfect piece of music on this record. The next song is the second part of the title song. It’s fast, it has sharp guitar riffs and therefore is great to headbang to! The next song is “Ostatni Grzeszników P³acz”. Another headbanging tune. Everything is great here, just as it is in the earlier songs on this record. The last piece is an instrumental - “Bramy Galaktyk”. It’s a display of the musicians’ skills. Great guitar melodies, great drumming… Again - everything is great. This last piece is rich with Iron Maiden and Deep Purple influences - but this is good, I think you’ll agree.

It’s a wonder - why didn’t this record became a instant metal classic? Actually, it did, but only in Poland, because it wasn’t distributed outside of Poland’s boarders. I recommend this album to every metalhead in the world - you shouldn’t be disappointed.