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Offensively flashy crap - 10%

Napalm_Satan, August 28th, 2016

Tuliterä try oh so hard to impress us with this instrumental spacey crap but fail miserably. The album is largely driven by the keyboards, which sucks because they're awful. They bleep and bloop constantly, playing these 'spacey' sound effects and somehow sound really off and wrong when they play a melody, which ruins even the quiet sections of the album. And perhaps even worse is that they never really stop - they're always there, endlessly jangling away and giving everyone a headache. The modern and downtuned guitars are buried in the background, playing a few solid thrashy riffs here and there amidst not doing much at all or going for some awful chugging sequences. The leads on this album recall arsewash like Between the Buried and Me with their 'spaciness' and beeping nature. They're all over the place and dominate everything. They're pretty technical, yeah, but they go nowhere. In fact the only thing that doesn't annoy are the drums, which are played with a great deal of skill by balancing technicality and restraint, a skill that no one else in this band has at all.

Obviously something with only a few riffs doesn't work as a metal release but this doesn't work as ambient either. It's far too 'in your face' to act as ambient, and is written like a jam session. These songs kind of meander about and progress far too quickly, so nothing sticks in your mind and nothing is really ever developed. When the band gets a good riff going (like in 'Firedew', which I'm only mentioning because it's playing now) they manage not to develop it at all. The same riff grinds away, the solos noodle on and on and the keys are either there and being annoying or staying mercifully quiet. I can't remember anything from this album after several listens, apart from hazy memories of 'spacey' keyboard effects and soloing, as well as being very annoyed by the end of it. The album is relentless in its flashiness and gives me a headache after a while.

The album shows zero restraint throughout, bombarding you with all of this for its excruciating hour long duration. Despite the keyboards and attempts at being spacey no atmosphere is ever cultivated because that requires nous and songwriting talent, something this band lack in completely. So what we have here is the worst case scenario for modern progressive metal - all form and no substance, no restraint, no songwriting, no atmosphere and a disturbing lack of good riffs. This is completely fluffy, flashy novel garbage that makes old Dragonforce seem restrained and tasteful, only this shit isn't fun at all.