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There is no way these guys are from Brazil... - 89%

The_Boss, September 7th, 2007

Tuatha De Danann is a 5 piece Brazilian folk metal band that plays with the sole intent of capturing the Celtic sound and perfecting it – and I have to say they have done a damn good job. If I didn’t know better for them being famous by it, I would argue that they weren’t Brazilian but true Celts indeed! The music is very upbeat and happy and by Odin if you don’t want to get up and dance and headbang at the same time then there is simply no soul in your body! I swear when I hear the flutes and keyboards it simply makes me want to find the nearest lass and dance the night away. Each member of Tuatha De Danann is a great musician because they, despite not being Celtic, embody the very music they are creating by putting such passion in it whether through the thoughtful piano interlude or the melodic yet speedy guitar solo or even the constant flute melody.

On “The Delirium Has Just Begun…” the opener ‘Brazuzan – Taller Than A Hill’ starts off with a sweet and soft flute playing and some acoustic strumming, which leads off into a cool bassline that continues throughout the song mixing with the main focus of the fiddle tune that is catchy enough to stick in your head and make you remember that for the song. The vocals start up very ordinary, he isn’t the greatest singer but he can give the impression of mingling with the instruments well enough so that isn’t your focus. He even gives off some growled halfway through that show they aren’t all about happy images! The harsh vocals that are inhabit this album in parts are done with the obvious intent of reminding you they can still get fierce while very melodic at the same time. Brazuzan finishes off with a keyboard solo dueling with a talented fast and melodic guitar solo. The same flute chant and guitar riff ends off the song with some happy chanting that will make you smile, seriously I was trying to resist the urge to smile whilst I listened to this over and over. Great song – best off the album.

‘Abracadabra’ starts off very calmly with a light flute and acoustic strumming once again but instead of picking up into a blazing Celtic romp in the forest, it continues on with some tribal-ish drumming and the acoustic picking lasts with very beautiful calm singing duel between the lead singer and an enchanting female singer. The duel endures through the whole song and ‘Abracadabra’ proves to be a nice interlude between the first two fast songs and this is quite the well-done ‘ballad’. Tuatha De Danann are very talented at creating the Celtic vibe as this continues into ‘The Last Words’ which is another soft song where the vocals seem to improve and he sings with prideful conviction.

The epic closer and title song starts off the 12 minute journey with the typical flute and soft acoustic guitar that leads into more very well done female chanting and continues this way until harsh vocals intertwine and guitars make their mark with a melodic solo that lasts a bit and is fairly technical. Very impressive. Keyboards are present as well having a solo afterwards that isn’t wankish or anything but done surprisingly evenly considering most keyboard solos can be considered wankery. It creates such an atmosphere that you are certain you are off in a different land. This song really embodies what the sound of Tuatha De Danann really, it may be there best song despite the lengthiness but in all honesty, you won’t tire of it because there are constant curves and hooks thrown in that leave you either dancing, mesmerized, or headbanging. It ends like it started with some acoustic guitar and some catchy as FUCK chanting that makes me grin oh so childishly.

Tuatha De Danann has made their presence, at least in me, with this album, “The Delirium Has Just Begun…” is a fun album that creates quite an atmosphere amongst itself that leads you off onto a journey into a distant land or right in the forest dancing around a campfire telling stories and whatnot. This is quite essential if you are a fan of folk metal, folk music, or Celtic music in general.