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Pure Old Amighty Nordic Black Metal Opus. - 98%

Belek, October 25th, 2006

This is one of those rare Black Metal demos, that actually made me feel the essence of the true Norwegian Satanic Hatred, of the True Almighty Norwegian Black Metal. This is truly a demo to get your hands on, but it's too late, because it's gone forever, it's out of print. There is only one chance to get it (downloading it.)

The band plays ultra satanic Black Metal in the old school vein. This old school Black Metal demo has five very raw and grim songs. Like the most demos by the early Black Metal Hordes, the sound, it's not much rugged, but old and very raw. But Anyway this is an old demo, so I don't care much of the production. All songs are fast, very raw and Satanic. And there is no solos nor tremolo picking here. The structure of all songs, is excellent. This is how Black Metal must sound: Raw, Cold, Evil and Grim. Everything is pretty clear, except the bass seems to be inaudible. Some melodies/riffs are a bit repetitive. Despite that, they are NEVER boring in the long run.

The soul of the music is bleak, hateful and very Satanic. The overall music itself is extremely sombre and grim. This Release could be compared as well with the old material, of the Norwegian Black Metal Hordes Urgehal and even Varg's band Uruk-Hai. Another Almighty Old School Hordes Of True Norwegian Black Metal. Nag's vocals are possessed, very raw, hateful and dirty. Very venomous and high-pitched. I always liked Nag's Vocals. There is NO variation in the vocal approach.

Enough said, let me advice you that you will not find disappointment with this old blasphemy, which is pure satanism and hatred. Its True Norwegian Black Metal art. One of the many true and old almighty Nordic Black Metal opuses. A demo that truly is kicking the ass of so many others from that country.I simply adore this Blasphemous Norwegian Masterpiece. Tsjuder's second opus, show’s no mercy, only pure blasphemous hatred. A must fucking have for any follower, of the blasphemous old school vein of the True Norwegian Black fucking Metal.All songs are a highlight, except the intro. And lyrics are another extreme highlight.Anyway this is not for everyone, this killer demo is not recommended, to christian "black" metallers, Emo Warriors, Little Vampiric kids, And all posers and christian metal bands in general. (Goths, cof fans, demon burger fans and whatever.) This is only for the true mighty ancient wolves of the true Norwegian Black Metal.

Buy , Download or DIE !!!
No fucking Compromises.