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Apocalypse on stage! - 70%

Casper666, November 4th, 2006

When I heard of Tsjuder’s dvd release I thought “Oh no, this GREAT satanic band has become commercial”. But then I saw Norwegian Apocalypse and was still surprised.

Norwegian Apocalypse contains Tsjuder’s set list in Oslo at Rockefeller September 24 2005. The sound of Tsjuder is FAST old school black metal without synthesisers and female vocals. This makes the sound even more evil, black and raw. The production of the dvd is good, simple and has great sound. Though Nag is an old veteran on the black metal stage, he doesn’t seem to “get in touch” with the audience; the band is just playing their music. The camera holding is just as chaotic as the music, it constantly changes between Nag’s face, the guitars, the stage and close ups of Anti Christian’s drum pedals (?) This makes the entire experience even more chaotic. Unfortunately we almost don’t get pictures of the audience, and so it is hard to judge the feeling and the mood.

On the slow and heavy riffs the colour is raw black and white (cool!), but a strange thing about this concert, is the red and green neon lights flashing when the music goes fast? What the fuck is this all about?? Tsjuder is the black sons of northern darkness (no offence, Immortal), and it seems extremely misplaced with neon lights at a Tsjuder concert. I’m sure it is done this way to create a certain variation in the picture, but unfortunately it looses some of the black and raw intensity you connect to Tsjuder.

The bonus material contains live footage from concert at Tribute in Sandness, Norway. The sound is not as clean as the first concert, and the camera shooting is more primitive (great!), but still the camera almost only focuses on the band, keeping the audience out.

But still, I’m sure as Hell would have loved to be at this concert, ‘cause Tsjuder is among the few bands which still keeps on playing the music black and raw!