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Lame - 55%

Feeble_screams, January 24th, 2006

This album is a mediocre offering to the man downstairs, amongst other things. What we have here is general praise for the almighty satan, and all of the blasphemy/christian mocking nonsense that ensues, so be prepared to sacrifice small animals and paint inverted crosses after hearing this one.

This album has a sort of death metal vibe underneath the primarily christ-raping black metal presented within. The music is very formulaic. There are riffs abound, and even more riffs. The music is a standard assault of death metal-esque drumming and stereotypical "evil" guitar playing, complemented by the average black metal rasp, and occasionally some lower, more death metal oriented growls. That death metal vibe as previously mentioned is very prominent in the music at times, but nevertheless, I believe this album certainly leans more toward the blacker side of things. The music can very easily induce headbanging. There are moments of sheer brutality, heaviness, and then out from left field comes a black metal chord pregression, followed by the appropriate drumming and vocals to aid the guitar playing, which seems to be the dominant factor in the songwriting here. All of this is wrapped up in a relatively clear production, which sounds a bit more suited for death metal standards.

Unfortunately however, this music is rather sterile, and would be better suited for a casual headbanging, and little else. So, if satan is the one who tickles your fancy, and if you're craving a generic, tasteless, boring album of sorts, you'll dig this one. However, it's not recommended.