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Bizarre is an understatement - 90%

politicallyincorrect, June 25th, 2007

I heard about Trollheim's Grott a while ago and was interested in hearing them. I heard this album first, and I'll admit is a good one. Bizarre Troll Technology is the band's debut, before they go into an industrial/techno metal.

There's not really alot to say about this album. The songs are long as hell and may put you in an impatient state of mind, but over time they grow on you. Spellgoth's vocals are amazing, a blend of death vocals and black metal rasps, the guitars are powerful, the bass is somewhat drowned out, the drums are harsh and aggressive, TrollN being one of the most underrated drummers I've ever heard of. Not an excessive use of blast beats which is good, the double bass being fast and powerful, along with the drums steadily maintaining rhythm. The keys are symphonic and atmospheric, with an occasional piano here and there. While not totally symphonic or melodic black metal, the keys are not over used and add just the right amount, separating them from Dimmu Borgir or any other. There are a few solos on some songs and the last track ends with some industrial sounds.

The lyrics are unique and interesting, forming the concept of the Troll Syndicate which would be used in their sophmore album as well. This album would also feature the last of H.G.G. Void (R.I.P.).

This is definately an album that grows on you, give it a chance, and let the Syndicate take you in.