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Neandercore! - 90%

VincentRenfield, December 24th, 2009

Anthropoid Effigy marks the first Troglodyte "sighting" in the world of metal, and the evidence is pretty damn convincing! Compared to a lot of the other independent metal releases out there, this demo comes off as really well done in terms of musicianship and sound quality. Many bands might have been quick to call this their first full length, leading me to believe that Trog has a lot more to offer.

In terms of style, the caveman concept fits this band perfectly, as listeners will be treated to some straight forward, back to basics, death metal. For the most part the songs are mid tempo along the lines of Obituary or Bolt Thrower, which gives the drummer a chance to do some really interesting stuff and really ends up being one of the standout aspects of this demo. Likewise, Jeffrey Sisson's vocals are extremely well suited for this band, from the low guttural grunts, to the "If King Diamond were a 700 pound ape" highs that aren't used nearly enough in my book. I found myself completely satisfied with this CD, as the music manages to overshadow the very prominent theatrical element of this band... Which is not always the case with bands like Trog..

If your a fan of Razorback Records fan like myself then this album will be even more exciting, as it's loaded with gory lyrics and clips from old Bigfoot horror films and documentaries. Song titles like Skunk Ape Rape pretty much sum up the tone here!

Check out the crazy high ape grunt vocals "Troglodyte Rises" and the standout drumming on "We Eat Our Own".